View Full Version : C&R SKS?

February 29, 2012, 09:44 AM
I'm pretty sure that Russian, N. Korean, N. Viet, Albanian, E. German, Romanian, some Chinese, and early Yugo M59s are all C&R. Can someone tell me:
A. Is that correct?
B. Did I miss any?
C. Which Chinese and Yugo SKSs are C&R?

February 29, 2012, 09:52 AM
For a list of firearms considered 'curios' try this site - http://www.atf.gov/publications/firearms/curios-relics/

Any firearm over 50 years old is automatically considered a 'relic', and does not need to be included on any list.

February 29, 2012, 01:43 PM
AFAIK Yugos are all C&R but none of the Chinese rifles imported in the 1990s are.

I've been told that the problem with the Chinese rifles is a lack of independently verifiable information regarding which ones are genuine military surplus and which ones were new production for American commercial sale. The latter were often purposefully built to appear similar to the former, right down to the markings. :rolleyes:

There are a few Chinese SKS Vietnam War bringbacks in the USA; these are C&R due to their association with the conflict, but I would greatly prefer documentation accompanying the rifle to prove this, and these guns are few and far between (and generally quite expensive) compared to the 1990s imports. FWIW the single example I've handled looked like it had been chained behind a truck, dragged a mile down a gravel road, and then buried in mud for 2-3 months, and it was being sold for ~3x the price of a garden-variety Norinco!