View Full Version : Can you shoot slugs through a full choke?

November 28, 2000, 12:41 PM
I've always believed that the tightest choke you could shoot slugs with is modified. The other day some one said something about shooting slugs through a full choke worked fine, only the recoil was increased. Is this true?

Also, how much does a full choke cut down on spread with buckshot? All the buckshot patterns I've ever seen have been from cyl. or mod. chokes.

Dave McC
November 28, 2000, 02:43 PM
There's few tight rules on bbls and slugs,Corriea. About the tightest two groups I've seen from a slug gun were from a Model 97,full choke. Three shot,one big hole groups at 100 yards. But in general....

Open chokes work best with slugs and to some degree, bigger buckshot. Sometimes a Modifed or even IC choke is tighter than a full choke pattern, which has all the pellets deformed and flying wild.OTOH, I recall a friend's Model 37 Deerslayer which gave a nice pattern with 00 from that tight but cylinder shaped bore.

If you're inclined to experiment,try the older Forster type slugs, that hollow construction should make them easy to swage down in the choke,and thus deform more uniformly, possibly aiding accuracy.

As to more kick with full choke, I doubt I could tell the difference, especially when hunting.

Dave R
November 28, 2000, 04:54 PM
FWIW, I patterned my Mossy with Federal 00 buck through Mod and Full chokes and definitely got better patterns through the modified choke. Based on the patterns I saw, I think the maximum effective range of buck through my gun would be about 35 yds.