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November 28, 2000, 08:47 AM
Yesterday, I ran across a SXS Coach Gun with exposed hammers. At first, I though it was one of the Bikal(sp)'s with the twisted wire hammers, but after looking a bit closer, the hammers were the real deal. I asked to take a look at it, and it seemed to be pretty well made, but a bit on the crude side as far as finish goes. The asking price is $298.00, and I'm realllllllll tempted. I know Norico has some 870 knock offs, and they've been pretty well recieved, as well as the famed Noricno 1911. Anybody have any input on the 870 clones as far as how they're holding up? Or, better yet, the SXS's and how they're holding up? Politics aside, since their really isn't a reasoab;e alternative in an exposed hammer Coach Gun, how is the Norinco? I expect this to get, at most, 5000 rounds through it, and that's a waaaay generous estimate.

FWIW, used Rossi's are going for almost twice as much when you can find one. The only one I've seen in 3 years of looking is a real beat up one, way too loose to use, for $395.00. The thought of supporting Norinco vs how much I want a shootable hammer lock Coach Gun is the only thing holding me back on this.

Ned Roundtree
November 29, 2000, 08:54 AM
My two cents. You get what you pay for. Probably asking top price for a Norinco. Centrfire Systems, Versailles, KY is selling the Russian version (12 ga. , 20" barrel sxs, exposed hammers) for $169. Seen Norincos around here for $219, $229, $249. Norincos have disappeared since the Centerfire $169 shotgun has come out.