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February 22, 2012, 04:35 PM
I need help identifying a revolver. If possible, I need someone to tell me exactly the revolver I have so I can order the correct extractor also called the bullet ejector.
I have found two places that have extractors for the type of revolver I have. However, they need the specific identification of the revolver
(the exact name and if possible year manufactured) in order to ship the correct part. The following information and pictures are what I have so far:

1) Harrington & Richardson "TOP BREAK" Revolver
2) Nickel Plated
3) 32 Caliber
4) 6 Shot (Cylinder holds 6 Bullets)
5) Automatic (Auto-Ejecting)
6) Small Frame (Believed To Be)
7) On Top Of Gun Barrel (Rib) has the following information:
Line 1: Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Worcester, MASS
Line 2: Pat. Oct. 4, '87, May 14 & Aug. 6, '89, April 12, '95, April 7, 1896
8) On the revolver handle or butt are G 5 8 9 6 9
9) On the cylinder was bullets are inserted are the numbers 969 stamped
10) On the underside of the release handle to open the revolver are stamped G58969

There are no other markings or stamped items on the revolver.

Below you will find a my link to view the pictures of my revolver which I hope will help you help me. You may have to highlight the link and paste.


Any HELP would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for your time and assistance with my problem.



February 23, 2012, 12:29 PM
can't help much, as I am not up on the older stuff.
I can tell you that the " G" prefix of serial # = 1946 manufacture.

February 23, 2012, 12:48 PM
From appearance and patent numbers it would appear to be an H&R Automatic Ejecting Second Model, Fifth Variation. It was made from 1897 to 1904. It is likely chambered for the .32 S&W, rather than the .32 S&W Long, which was introduced by Smith and Wesson in 1896. The number 969 on the cylinder matches the last three digits of the gun's serial number and shows that it is the original cylinder. This was primarily a black powder arm, though perhaps some late ones might have been made for smokeless. One able to use smokeless would be inscribed ".32 S&W Ctge" on the left side of the barrel. A black powder model would have no such inscription. I can't tell from your picture whether that is there or not.