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February 16, 2012, 06:19 PM
The last time I did this was around 2005, so I guess it is time to do it again.

My interest was piqued at the SHOT Show when I was talking to one of the major importers, who told me that 5 1/2" was the most popular length they sold and .45 Colt was the most popular caliber. This is quite different than what I see at matches, but my eyeball experience is pretty parochial, so I thought I'd do this survey again.

I'll be posting this on several CAs discussion boards, so please only answer once. I'll compile the answers on a spread sheet and provide results when responses wrap up.

If you shoot a whole passel of different guns at Cas matches, please pick the predominant model. If you can't narrow it down I'm going to put your tally into a bucket labeled "Various"

OK, here's the survey. What Guns do you predominantly shoot at CAS matches:

I. What Cas category do ou shoot in?

II. Revolvers:

1. Ruger/Colt/Clones/C&B
2. Barrel length
3. Caliber

III. Rifles:

1. Model
2. Caliber
3. Barrel length

IV. Shotgun:

1. Action type
2. Gauge
3. Barrel length

February 17, 2012, 10:37 PM
Don't do CAS anymore but Colt clones 5 1/2" in 44-40.
Rossi 92 in 44-40 with a 20 inch barrel
L.C. Smith hammerless 12 gauge SXS with 32 inch barrels.

February 17, 2012, 11:02 PM
This is my first time on this forum. I shoot an 1858 new army. Im kind of excited because the postal service dropped off a new cimarron 1860 army today. But i have some concerns. I unpacked it as soon as i got home to find that when the hammer is all the way down it doesnt sit evenly in the notch where the nipple is. there is twice as much gap on one side than the other on every cylinder. and i can see where the hammer rubs against the frame when fired. i havent fired it yet. Anyone out there that feels up to giving some advice?

Doc Hoy
February 17, 2012, 11:03 PM
Don't shoot long arms or conicals

Andy Griffith
February 18, 2012, 12:42 AM
I guess I'm trying to move from a "cas" style to more of an NCOWS style to be more authentic...

Colt Army reproductions in .44 with round balls
1866 Uberti rifle in .44-40- 24"
Lefacheau actioned Husqvarna in 12 32" and sometimes it's brother in 16ga 30"
100% holy black used in above


February 18, 2012, 01:06 AM
I don't shoot anymore either....lite load .38's ruined cowboy shooting for me. Watching slow bullets fly to the targets is NOT ''the cowboy way''. Anyway I shot 2 4 5/8''Vaqueros in .45 Colt, a '94 Winchester carbine in .45 Colt, and a Stoeger 12 guage Coach Gun.

February 20, 2012, 01:13 PM
A couple of times a year:

A couple of Cimmaron Model Ps, 4 7/8" .357 (.38 Special, though)
Rossi M92, 20", .357 (.38 Special)
Winchester 1897, 28", 12 gauge

I don't care about the mouse fart load thing. To each his own. My .38s are cowboy loads - for real cowboys. But I don't do CAS often enough to get caught up in the game.

Shucks, my biggest problem was finding a two holster rig that was...um...rotund enough.

February 20, 2012, 02:15 PM
Rotund, isn't that latin for round?:D

February 20, 2012, 02:32 PM
We got 143 responses to the :What do you shoot" survey. Responses have slowed to a trickle, so I'm compiling results.

As general info, 49er was the most common shooting category with 11% of respondents saying they shot in it, followed closely by Gunfighter at 10% and Frontier Cartridge Duelist at 9%.. And 10% of you didn't identify a category.

Here are the Handgun Headlines:

No surprise, Rugers (cartridge Rugers that is) dominate the category with 51% saying they shoot them.Colt SAA clones were a distant second with 17% shooting them. Colt Cartridge conversions, including 1872 Open Tops, are shot by 6% of you, and 3% identified themselves as Schofield shooters.

For revolver calibers, .38 Spl is the top choice at 38%, followed by .45 Colt at 28%. .44-40 and .44 Spl each had 7% of the total...single digits for all other calibers.

(My assumption here is that if you said .357 Mag, or .44 Mag, you are really shooting Specials, or special equivalents in magnum cases. I don't know any clubs that let full-bore .44 maggie rounds slam up their steel)

For barrel length, I counted Ruger 4 5/8ths barrels and Colt 4 3/4 barrels as 4.75 inches in my data. Here's how brrel length shook out:

5.5-inches and 4.75 inches were virtually tied at 31% and 30% respectively. 7.5-inches had 12%.

Lots of ou have so many toys you couldn't settle on just one..."variou" racked up about 15% of the talley in most categories.

Rifle and shotgun results will come later when I have a few minutes to crunch them

February 20, 2012, 02:38 PM
Rotund, isn't that latin for round?

They wouldn't let me call myself Rotundus Maximus. Said it 'twarn't a cowboy name, no matter how apt it was!

February 25, 2012, 12:17 PM
Duelist 1954, I'm 65 years of age and have been shooting since the age of 10 when I received a single barrel 410 for my birthday.
I went into the Army in 1965-68 and had a lot of shooting different weapons.
I became a reserve deputy in 1973 and a full time one in 1977.
I went to several firearms schools and became a firearms instructor. The reason for this background information is to let you know that I did not just buy my first gun and have nothing but newbie information to give.
Your question and poll may be of some interesting facts to write a story about SASS but it bears no useful information for which gun a person should or should not use.
All people are different and I thank the good Lord for that.
What thrills you to death may not even turn my head and an opinion from others will bring you the Baskin Robbins 31 flavors answers.
I shoot the Frontier Cartridge class with full house loads of 2 F BP in my 44-40 USFA revolvers and Uberti 1873 Texas Brush Popper. I choose to shoot a TTn SXS hammered 12 ga. with 65 grain loads of 7 1/2 shot.
At most monthly matches I maybe the only one in this class or 1 of three.
It is my love and I shoot this way for the exact reason I joined SASS. To do it the same as was done in the 19th century from 1860 to 1898.
I will never finish first overall but I will always leave with a huge smile on my face.
To find your niche you should do as I did and that is to attend local matches for about 6 months and talk to the different shooters. Try shooting the different guns and see which ones makes you tingle.
Yes it's very easy to change classes but it becomes very expensive when you find that you have all the wrong guns for what you want to shoot.
Be yourself and have fun!! Take Care David