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February 15, 2012, 09:52 PM
I just got a new to me 19-4 2.5". The lock up and trigger action seemed fine. I fired probably 20 rounds last week no problems. Then went back last night
after 1 shot the cylinder locked up and wouldn't move. I could only pull the trigger back part way. I was able to free it by pulling working the trigger a bit then then pulled really hard and it freed up. I was shooting 158 gr .357 HP. I unloaded it and worked the action many times without a problem. Then I loaded 6 rounds of >38 spl. I shot 6 rounds with no problem. On the 2nd set of 6 it locked up again. This time it was like the trigger didn't reset. I pushed the trigger forward and it caught and freed everything up. I plan to take it to see Smitty, but was wondering if anyone could give me a clue here?
Ok .. more... since I can't get my Model 19 to Smitty until this weekend I spent more time diagnosing. Without any ammo in gun... it dry fires fine on 5 chambers. On he 6th chamber the hammer drops but the trigger stays reward and the cylinder is locked up. I can move the hammer forward and back without any tension. Then if I push the trigger forward manually it resets and then all is well until the next time around.(5 more shots) It's always on the same chamber that this happens. I took the cover off. The gun was very clean. I oiled it well anyway. Put it back together. No good. I didn't disassemble it...just opened it up to see if it was really dirty..took the cylinder off and back on.
The lock up on it seems fine no end shake..
Anyone have an idea now? Thx

February 17, 2012, 08:41 PM
You may want to check out the rebound slide spring. If someone put in a
spring kit, that can sometimes cause a problem. I have had people also cut
a couple coils off the rebound slide spring. They are trying to lighten trigger
pull! Without seeing, this is my best opinion.


February 17, 2012, 08:50 PM
I agree with Bighickery it sounds like the rebound slide spring
is not resetting. I suspect it might be full of gunk. If you are
uncomfortable taking the side plate off you might try hosing
it out with Gunscrubber or Brake cleaner then re-oiling it to
see if it helps.