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February 11, 2012, 08:43 PM
The slot of the cleanout screw of a used Traditions Trapper pistol
that I bought was buggered which made it a pain to remove.
But I finally got it out after soaking it in Liquid Wrench.
I determined that the replacement screw for CVA/Traditions is
a 5M x 5mm so I went to the nearest True Value hardware store
where I found that the only replacements that they had were
hardened and blued hex head screws in 5M X 5mm, 5M x 6mm
and 5M x 8mm.
I tried the 8mm first but found that it was too long and protruded
from the drum too much.
I settled on the 6mm because the 5mm simply looked too small
without a flat head and easy to lose.
The 6mm fits great but will hit the nipple threads if it's screwed
all of the way in. So I simply reverse the screw a partial turn
from that point and it fits perfectly.
I also bought a 4.5mm allen wrench to turn it with.
Total cost for the screw and wrench was $1.38 with tax, so I
bought another one of each as a spare.
It's good enough until I get some original screws, and I like the
fact that this replacement screw is hardened and already blued.




February 12, 2012, 10:33 AM
I too have wrestled with a couple of these clean-out screws, mostly in the sides of snails. Really wished they had not been there, in the first place. Most become buggerd up and look like heck. The last one I repaired, I had to drill out, re-tap and replaced. I was fortunate that our local True Value hardware store not only had the hex heads, but the slotted as well and after cutting to the proper length, fit very well. .... :)

Whenever encountered on new M/L's, I recommend that a good anti-siez be applied to these threads as well. Not only for yourself but for the next guy. .... :)

On older ones, leave sleeping dogs lie !!! .... :cool:

Be Safe !!!

February 12, 2012, 02:21 PM
Very nice, clean-looking fix.