View Full Version : rubs and deer

November 26, 2000, 05:02 PM
I located a real good rub line thurs. The rain cut my hunting trip short however. I want to maximize my chances next time I go back in mid Dec. So anybody got any pointers? They should be in rut at the time so I have invested in some tinks. I will be getting in my stand way before daylight and will stay at least until 2.

Bud Helms
November 27, 2000, 04:49 AM
If the rut hasn't started yet in your area, I'd be more interested in finding a scrape line. Then set up 50-70 yds off to the side of it. It may not coincide exactly with any pattern of rubs you've seen.

Robert the41MagFan
November 27, 2000, 05:51 AM
You want to place the stand between the rubs and the food source. Find the food source! Also, if you molested this area to much or touch a rub, move to an area off the line that has not been trampled on. It is to close to crunch time and smell is a factor. Also, since it is getting late in the season. Don't work the area to long, the deer you are trying to pursue may already been harvested. Look around and find other signs and move the stand around.


Art Eatman
November 28, 2000, 11:50 PM
Rubs and scrapes don't always coincide. The rubs happen when he's cleaning the velvet off his horns. The scrapes are made when he's telling the world how big and bad he is, trying to sell some beyootiful doe-baby on the idea that she oughta hand around and that all other bucks should leave.

He's likely to visit the scrapes during his rut.