View Full Version : Field Alterations and a briliant idea.

George Hill
November 26, 2000, 01:59 PM
Was out shooting earler... Popping some .45s through my pet Springfield and Detonics...
One thing about the Detonics that had me in a fit was its grips. They are the original fully checkerd wood grips that have been worn smooth by use.
I just couldn't hold onto it anymore... especially popping those +P CorBon 185s... So I dug into my rangebag and found my old Hogue grips... These are the soft rubber finger groove grips that I just love.
I took the old wood ones off and wrapped them in paper and put them into the bag... I took the rubber grips and did a quick eyeballing... flicked out my Spyderco and started cutting... Then I used the point like a drill and reamer and made some new holes.
Took about 5 minutes and now my Detonics is sporting some Hogue finger groove grips... Feels NICE. Way Nice.
I have found that my groups have improved as well as my speed.
Firing hot loads is no longer a painfull task.

Rubber Grips are not well suited for CCW. The Detonics is my CCW gun.
I'll get some nice smooth wood grips that will let shirt fabric slide accross and not try to make me print or show...
And to let me continue to have good grippy rubber - I'll use those Pearce Modular finger grooves just like I have on my Springfield.
Then my two 1911s will have the same grips, and same feel... with the Detonics just a tad bit shorter.
Why the heck didn't I think of this before?

November 28, 2000, 02:44 AM
George, If you had everything you wanted, where would you put it?

George Hill
November 28, 2000, 04:21 PM
I'ld sew more pockets onto my BDUs...

November 30, 2000, 03:57 AM
Doesn't that rubber grip hang up on your shirt?

George Hill
November 30, 2000, 10:08 AM
The Hogue grips can - hence the desire to chance to the pearce modular...
I only use the finger groove portion to go with the smooth wood of my choice...
In this way - the rubber finger grooves do not hang up on my shirts.
Works Perfectly.