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November 26, 2000, 02:57 AM
I've read in some prior posts that the Military CZ 75Bs are virtually the same as the commercial CZ pistols. Since I have not seen one of the military CZs in person, I thought I'd post some questions:

1) Is the polymer finish on the military models comparable to the commercial ones? I ask, because the military CZ pictured on the Wholesale Guns & Ammo site (www.gunsnammo.com) looks like it was spray-painted glossy black. Could just be a bad picture.

2) Are there any special markings on the military models? I think I might have read somewhere that they had a Turkish crest stamped on them.

3) I also think I read that the fit and finish on these are not quite as good the commercial ones. Your thoughts?

4) I'm aware that the military models come with one high-cap mag and one 10-rd mag, and that the military comes with the cheesy plastic grips with the thumb rest. Are their any other differences I should be aware of?

I really appreciate the help.

November 26, 2000, 10:08 PM
You pretty much covered it. 1)The polymer finish used on the Mil. is the same as the commercial ones, powder coating over parkerizing. It has a pretty nice semi gloss look. 2)There are 3 tiny little crests on the right side of my 75Mil. weather they`re czech or turkish I couldn`t tell you. 3)As far as I can tell the fit and finish are the same as the commercial ones I`ve seen. Lockup is very tight,the trigger is quite good and it`ll shoot toe to toe with or outshoot (usually outshoot)all the Glocks,H&Ks,Berettas etc. I`ve shot against in friendly little contests. 4)Yep,the one factory hi cap is reason enough to geta Mil. over a commercial 75. The factory thumb rest grips are sub par. They`re thick and didn`t feel very good to me. They`re easily and inexpensively replaced with other grips from CZ or if you wanna splurge you can get a set of truly excellent grips from Hogue. I went with checkered cocobolo,they`re super thin and really feel and look great. Marcus http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=286425&a=2129936&p=31631231&Sequence=0