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February 2, 2012, 07:27 PM
I have a new delta elite, i want to use full power factory loads, however a fully supported chamber is required by the manufacture of the ammo. i am not a gun smith and my knowledge is light when it comes to 1911. Here is what i am thinking, and will it work, what changes or extras do i need?:
Stormlake barrel drop in bull barrel standard length. Sprinco recoil system Cor-bon, their moly coted cryo recoil springs(not sure what #it get) for full power loads.
1. what other springs are needed?
2. what about an extractor and spring replacement?
i have about $400-$500 for customization for my delta.
weight is not a concern, only the complete function of the gun is. i carry this gun. reliability is my main concern.
Thanks for any and all help and opinions, they are all welcome.

February 4, 2012, 06:59 AM
I'm a bit of a rookie on 1911 builds,myself.If the Delta Elite is not already set up with a ramped barrel,and it probably is not,then the only way to get a fully supported chamber is a ramped barrel.There is no drop in ramped barrel.
The frame has to be machined to accept a ramped barrel.

Myself,I might have to think a while before I cut an original Delta Elite frame.

Also,in regard to all the heavy barrel and recoils spring setups,before you spend a lot of money,none of that stuff will address the problem of not having a fully supported chamber.

I think if you lock your slide back,take an empty piece of brass and push it into the chamber,you will notice the hood projects as an extension of the barrel on the top,but on the lower side you can see a fair way up the side of the case.You might even be able to mark it,and see how much of the brass is unsupported(Now,please do not drop your slide on the brass in the chamber.Forcing the extractor to snap over the rim is bad for the extractor.Use your fingernail or a pencil to remove the case if it won't fall out)

That unsupported area worked out OK for the 45 ACP at 16,000 to 18,000 psi,but if you are wanting to push the 10mm loads you will double that pressure.Goose egging a bulge out the side of the case,IMO,ruins it for reloading.

Not to pick on Glocks,but they have an unsupported area on the 40's and if you search "Glock Kaboom" you will get a number of pix to help understand what you are looking at.

I have never held or fired a Delta Elite,I cannot give you a formula as to what works.I am also not a grand poobah of SD shooting,ccw,and all.

I think your pursuit of reliability is sound thinking.IMO,a large part of reliability /longevity is found with feeding the weapon what makes it happy.

Also,IMO,if you fire a serious shot from a 10mm with Delta loads and your target is still dangerous I just do not think another 5000 psi chamber pressure will help.What will help is shooting again.You can get off your next placed shot quicker with the more moderate load.

You say this is a brand new Delta you just bought??I'm envious!Why not get about 1000 rds aquainted,then decide what it needs?