View Full Version : Witloe Remington New Model Army

February 2, 2012, 01:52 PM
Time for renewed effort to locate Remington New Model Army revolvers made by Witloe Precision Inc. located in Collingdale, PA. They produced two models of the Remington New Model Army. The "Lee" with a Bronze Frame and the "Grant" with a Steel Frame. The model names are located on the left side of the barrel.

2nd Generation Witloe revolvers were produced by R. T. Lane in New York from parts acquired from Witloe Precision Inc. when they ceased production of the Remington revolvers. They will be marked "WITLOE" on top of the barrel.

I have started a registry for these revolvers. So far twenty have been located and are on the registry. If you have ever seen one of these please post or contact me toll free at: 918-341-3525

I am interested in buying these as well.