View Full Version : Ruger SBH front sight pin?

February 1, 2012, 08:32 PM
I posted this question on the Ruger Forums site but I think there might be more traffic here. I lost the front sight blade and the pin that holds in place on my 7 1/2" stainless Super Blackhawk. I got a new front sight blade and a "locator pin" from Ruger. The new blade fits just fine in the sight base but it doesn't have a hole in it for the pin that holds it in place. The "locator pin" is too large to fit in the existing holes in the sight base and not long enough to go through both sides of the sight base and front blade. Any ideas on how I can secure the new blade to the sight base?

Thanks, Kim

February 4, 2012, 12:04 PM
I replaced the front sight on the SBH I used to have and found out that you can't get a sight blade with a pre existing hole. I put the sight blade in place and marked it through the pin hole, then removed it and drilled it. You can use your pin for size comparison when selecting a drill bit. You are supposed to use a drill press for a perfectly straight hole but I used a hand drill and got it straight. I'm not sure why they sent you a pin that is too big in diameter and too short in length. You can order the front sight blade pins from brownells and midwayusa but if you goto a local gunshop they should have a big selection of roll pins and what not. I would ask to talk with the gunsmith and he might just give you a pin. Then you just tap it in with a hammer and a punch but be sure and use something to protect the area around the pin so you dont mar up your gun. I used multiple layers of masking tape.

February 5, 2012, 11:25 AM
Thanks for the info, greasemonkey. I just checked Brownell's and Midway. They don't seem to have a front sight cross pin for my gun (Stainless SBH w/ 71/2" bbl). I'll call Ruger on Monday and see if they have one. The pin they sent me was not a cross pin but a locator pin. I think it might be used when mounting the sight base to the barrel. I'd like to drill the new front sight blade myself but don't have any way to measure for bit size. I'm thinking maybe a 1/16" bit will work, but don't seem to have on on hand. I'm also thinking that If I find the correct bit, I could cut it to length and use the bit for the cross pin. I sure wish that I hadn't lost that blade and pin.