View Full Version : taurus 24/7 issue

January 25, 2012, 10:19 PM
Hey guys I am looking for some help with my Taurus its in 40 cal. I've had it over 3 years and overall its been a great gun It's seen a lot of hard use with about 2500 rounds thru it with very few issues. But lately it has started to lock up on me I will be shooting and I will stop put a new magazine in and the slide will not retract.

The gun is literally closed shut the trigger will not fire I can't see anything wrong with it. Then all of the sudden it will let go and the slide will retract I'm thinking it could be the lock but I'm not sure. Any ideas would be great

January 26, 2012, 08:32 AM
Send it back to Taurus.
And incidentally - 2500 rds. in 3 years is nowhere near "hard use". That qualifies as just broken in. Or, in your case, just broken.

January 26, 2012, 12:17 PM
Well I would rather not send it to them, it cost far to much money to ship it to them even though its a free fix. I'm more of a do it your self type person anyway. Oh and I really don't appreciate all the hate yes my taurus is giving me problems but its given me great service other wise. Would I buy another one again eh probably not there current line up doesn't interest me that much.

In fact I recently purchased a FNX 9, but thats besides the point I am just asking for ideas on what could be causing this so I can fix it myself. It does not do it all the time either there seems to be no pattern to it.