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January 23, 2012, 06:54 PM
Hey fellas,
I have might soon aquire some muzzloading inlines, A Traditions .45 and a Ruger 10-77. On both of these guns, the ramrod sticks out about an inch under the muzzle. Are they supposed to fit like that, or are those after market rods? And is there any danger (besides a blackened rod tip) in this extra length?

January 23, 2012, 07:45 PM
Are they supposed to fit like that
A ramrod without any attachments should not extend beyond the muzzle. Other than getting a tip dirty, there should not be a problem. Actually the tip should sit back about 1/4" from the end of the muzzle. Recently saw a SideLock whose rod extended about 4" past the muzzle. Looked like you know what, on a white horse. ..... ;)

On my in-line hunter, I have added a T-handle extension and have it covered and it does show power burns that I can live with.

I routinely restore or remake ramrods for SideLocks and a few in-lines. I try to stay back no more than 1/4" from the end but some may have to go flush.

Be Safe !!!

January 23, 2012, 08:55 PM
I don't know anything about "inlines" - but, I have seen plenty of standard side locks - both percussion and flint - that the ramrods extended beyond the end of the muzzle - and they were the original rods. I've built a number of ML rifles/smoothbores over the years and my rods all extend beyond the muzzle. I would rather have a couple of extra inches to use when seating a RB - especially after firing a number of rounds - and I always wet patch between rounds. The tip of the rod is below the bore line so it should not cause a problem.

Yea - some may think it looks like H _ _ l, but as Louis Sullivan said, "Form follows function".

When I make a stock, I always try to bore the ramrod hole as deep as possible but there can sometimes be an interference with the front lock bolt depending on the boring job and the components used. On my underhammer, because of the nature of the beast and the location of the nipple a ramrod that doesn't extend beyond the muzzle would not be long enough to get a good grip on. No, it might not be aesthectically nice, but it was not an uncommon practice.

January 23, 2012, 10:47 PM
No it shouldn't extend past the muzzle. It's partly a safety feature, the ramrod should fit nearly fully or completely fully in the barrel when the firearm is unloaded. That way you can easily check a muzzleloader to see if it's loaded by putting the ramrod in the barrel. If it sticks out, you REALLY need to assume it's loaded.

January 24, 2012, 08:45 AM
Silly question.
Are there any accessories attached to the rod?
That will make it stick out as the attachment adds length.

January 24, 2012, 09:43 AM
A ramrod without any attachments should not extend beyond the muzzle. Other than getting a tip dirty, there should not be a problem. Actually the tip should sit back about 1/4" from the end of the muzzle

Bull butter. :eek:
There is no safety or practical reason for making that statement at all.
No matter if it sticks out a little bit. Usually the person who made the rod just gave themselves a little bit more rod to grab for use.
For the past 45 years I have made all of my rods a bit longer than the muzzle.
Yours are just fine. BTW, the don't get dirty from the shooting, just use.

January 24, 2012, 10:33 AM
Bull butter.
No, it's not Bull butter and what it is, is one of personal preference. There are no safety issues here and the rod extension, will get dirty. I also stated that I had one SideLock come in with a 4" extension and asked the owner is he wanted it left that way. He said no way so we shortened it. ..... ;)

The OP is questioning this as it does not look right to him and worried about safety issues of which there are none. Now, these are his M/L's and his call, not mine or yours... :p

One of my hunters, had a rod that worked loose, quite often and the rod would extend past the muzzle. Walking out of my stand, one evening, I slung my rifle and proceeded to walk out. When I got to my car, the rod was gone. Obviously it snagged a limb and got pulled out. Never did find that one. If some of you fellas would get off the bench and into the woods, you would see that a hunting environment poses more challenges and rewards. ... ;)

I have see many custom and commercial M/L's, all with well fitted rods and rarely that had rods extended past the muzzle. .... ;)

Be Safe !!!

January 24, 2012, 11:17 AM
My rod tucks neatly under the barrel and is about 1/2" shorter than the barrel. Unfortunately, that's too short to be of use most of the time. I have a Remington Genesis, and the provided rod can be used for seating a hunting load, but is unhandy, since I have to unscrew a 4" section of the end, flip it, and screw it back on, before it will reach the breech. But for cleaning or swabbing, it wont reach, and is very unhandy for loading sabots or smaller target loads, as it doesn't leave much exposed rod to work with. When practicing, I have an extra, longer rod that I take along. So you might find that you need that little extra length of rod, even if it does get blackened after shooting.

got ammo?
January 26, 2012, 07:39 PM
Thanx , guys for opinions on this, I thought there was an issue here, But I guess a few extra inches of rod isn't a big deal. I just got to be carefull not to lose the thing while hunting.