View Full Version : Ammo Question

November 24, 2000, 08:48 PM
can someone tell me an online site that carries federal tactical ammunition? i have heard good things about this and would like to try some. my department has decided to let officers carry their own choice of ammo if they so desire, so i need to find some.

also, if anyone has any suggestions on any other buckshot/slug ammo for leo use please let me know.thanks.


Dave McC
November 26, 2000, 06:25 AM
I recently tested the KO Brennekes and found them to be the tightest groupers in my two 870s. Price at "Dicks" sporting goods was $1/99 a 5 pack, a dollar less than the other brands. And at an oz weight, they kick less than the Rottweil 1 1/4 Brennekes(also a great slug) and may shoot a little flatter. Try both....

November 26, 2000, 02:12 PM
http://www.cheaperthandirt.com has them