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January 21, 2012, 01:05 PM
Hi guys, first post and first time gun owner. My first post was going to be later today after i came back from shooting my sw99 the first time but i ran into a small problem.
I bought a police trade in sw99 in 40cal and have already field stripped it and cleaned it. Im affraid i wasnt paying attention when i was cleaning it and over lubed it. Might of gotten some oil in the striker housing. Read that it was bad for the gun and could cause malfunctions on the range, which ill be going to in afew hours. Ive googled it and almost everything ive come across either says not to do it, its hard or has a broken link. Ive downloaded 2 versions of the sw99 owners manual and it only talks about field stripping it, which is easy and i already know how to do that. If anyone could help me with a link, pics or something. I just want my first trip out to the range to be a good one with this gun.
THank you

January 21, 2012, 06:26 PM
Don't worry about it. It'll work itself out over time.

January 21, 2012, 09:14 PM
All i did was field strip it and let the slide sit upright and the fame upside down onto of a towel. Wiped off any oil that had oozed out, which wasnt much. Had no problems at the range. Just a new gun owner over thinking i guess.

January 21, 2012, 11:44 PM
I just removed and replaced the striker assembly on my SW99.

The SW99 striker is removed like the striker on a Glock.

Remove the magazine.
Clear the chamber.
Remove the slide.
Remove recoil spring and barrel.
Use a small tool to push the black plastic striker sleeve forward, allowing it to disengage the end cap.
Push the end cap out of the slide dovetail.
The striker assembly is now free and can be pulled out of the slide.

The striker assembly can now be cleaned with a dry toothbrush. Do not oil it.
Assembly is in reverse order but you need to hold the decocker in place as you slide the striker assembly into the slide.

I couldn't find any youtube videos of SW99 striker removal, but there are videos of Glock striker removal, which are nearly identical except for the decocker.