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November 24, 2000, 03:09 PM
I would like some information regarding a Win. Model 12 Trap grade shotgun.

It is an older gun with the nickle steel barrel. It has a straight, English grip buttstock of high grade walnut with the inlaid black diamond at the wrist. It has a 30" barrel with the raised, solid rib.

The serial number is 1312xx and it has TRAP stamped under the serial number. The condition is approx. 93% to 95% with blueing wear along the edges and some patina starting to show in some small spots. There is no pitting anywhere on the gun nor does it appear to have been refinished at any time. It appears to have been well taken care of with just signs of normal use.

My father-in-law inherited this gun from his father-in-law and it now resides securely in my safe.

Could anyone give me an idea as to the age and value of this fine old shotgun?

James K
November 24, 2000, 10:01 PM
That serial number dates to 1916 and I don't think they made a Trap model before 1938. I wonder if you could have missed a digit. If the number is 1312xxx, it was made in 1952. Value, as always, depends on condition. In 90%+, (which sounds about like yours) the price would be around $650-700. A milled vent rib would add about 50%.

The barrel length and straight stock were options, but bring no special premium.


November 24, 2000, 11:25 PM
Thanks Jim,

I double (and triple) checked the serial number and it is 1312xx with TRAP stamped on the receiver under the serial number.

Could this be a variation of the Pigeon Grade? Was the inlaid black diamond used only on certain models? Do you know of a web site dedicated to Model 12's?

Thanks again,


Steven Mace
November 25, 2000, 01:52 AM
Cactus, I believe what you actually have is a 'Black Diamond' Trap grade Model 12. These were produced in limited quanities from 1914-1963, yours being made in 1916. These were only chambered in 12ga. with a 30" barrel having either a solid or ventilated rib. In the condition you've described it could be worth about $1,000-$1,250. Hope this helps!

Steve Mace