View Full Version : HK 630 10 Round Mag made from AR Mag

January 15, 2012, 09:56 PM
Those who have an HK 630 or SL6 know it is next to impossible to find a 10 round magazine, since they have not been made for years. When you do find one expect to pay $100.00 or more. They are hard to find. So today I started comparing a 4 round mag to an extra AR 10 round mag and decided I would mod the AR mag to make it fit. It fits, locks and feeds; test fired it tonight.

Here is how to mod the AR mag. The AR mags are a little shorter than the 630 mag and wider at the front, some fit if forced, some don't. Easy fix, remove mag bottom plat, spring and follower. Make several light hits with a body hammer on each front corner. AR mag becomes thinner and longer, do enough for a thight fit. File down the follower so it fits inside the mag body. The HK mag has four stops on the side of the mag body made to catch on the botton of the 630 receiver. Measure from the top of the mag and make four cuts with a Dremel tool into the AR mag. Then take a punch from the inside and hit just enough to flare out the mag sides to catch the inside receiver body, .010". Measure for the mag latch and file slot for the mag latch with triangle file. It took about an hour to figure how to make the first one. Next one will be done in a milling machine.

Here it is: