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November 22, 2000, 12:16 PM
What are some of the different bayonets used for shotguns throughout history? Where these bayonets interchangeable with infantry weapons?

November 22, 2000, 04:42 PM
The bayonets I am familiar with that were used on U.S. issued shotguns were the following:
M1917 bayonet: this was initially for the US 1917 rifle (an American Enfield design that was used in .303 by the Brits in WWI and termed the 'P14', as well as by US forces in .30-06). A bayonet mount and heat shield were made for the Winchester 1897 and Model 1912 that made it possible to mount the very long (17" blade) M1917 bayonet. It was also made for the Ithaca Model 37 Stevens Model 520A in WWII, Korea ad Vietnam, and the Stevens 620A in Vietnam. Remington had the Model 10 Trench gun that used the 1917 batonet as well.
The Marines Vietnam era 870 Mk.I had the capability to mount the M7 bayonet (used on the M16 series of rifles), and can accept the current M9 bayonet because the locking mounts and bayonet rings are the same size as the M7. The current issued Mossberg 590 can mount bith the M7 and M9 bayonets as well.
There have been a few prototypes of bayonet mounts made for other shotguns that never became production items. Remington had bayonet mounts that could use the Russian Mosin-Nagant 1891 rifle bayonet as well as one that could use the Model 1897 saber bayonet.
Higgins had an experimental Military and Police autoloading shotgun that had a combination muzzle compensator and bayonet mount that could take the old Garand (can't remember the Model number) bayonets.
Mossberg had a predecessor to the 590 called the ATP-8SP that could mount the M7 (and thus the M9) bayonet that was available in the late 70s and early 80's that was purchased by the armies of other nations, but was not used by US armed forces.
Those are the types that I am familiar with. There have been commercially made bayonet adapters made for other shotguns that have been available now and then, but I do not know what shotguns they would be available for.