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November 21, 2000, 02:39 PM
Hello !!

I'm a shotgun newbie and was wondering what the differnce is between these shotgunning disciplines ??


November 21, 2000, 05:01 PM
American Trap: Five stations, 16 yards behind a single trap house. One bird at a time, five birds on each station for a total of 25. Birds fly up and away and are random within predetermined arc. Handicap trap moves the distances back up to 27 yards. A long distance game usually shot with a 12 gauge, modified to full chokes with 8 or 7-1/2 shot.

Skeet: 8 stations, two trap houses -- one high and one low. The first seven stations are in a semi circle with the houses at either end. The 8th station is on a line directly between the two houses. Singles (one high and one low) on each station with doubles on stations 1,2,6,7. You are allowed to repeat the first missed shot or shoot low house, station 8 twice in the event of no misses for a total of 25. The birds follow a set trajectory. Skeet distances are shorter which favors open chokes (cylinder to light modified) with #9 or #8 shot.

Sporting Clays: 10 stations, 5 to 10 shots at each station for a total of either 50 or 100. Birds come from any direction or angle -- outgoing, incoming, crossing, rising. The birds can come as singles, following pairs, report pairs, true doubles. Most sporting clays courses can be shot with #8 and improved cylinder to light modified chokes although competition clays can sometimes have longer targets requiring tighter chokes.

All of them are great fun.

November 21, 2000, 05:15 PM
I was about to tell you to search this forum as this has been discussed in detail previously, but the search function is disabled:(

Here very quickly are the differences:

Trap: The oldest of the games, originally used live birds. Clays launched from a Trap house in front of the shooter. Birds are going away. Field has five shooting positions arranged in a crescent equidistant from the Trap house. Normally single birds thrown. Doubles game throws two birds. One shot per bird. Also known as ATA Trap. One round of trap is 25 birds, doubles round is 50.

Skeet: has 8 shooting stands arranged in a half circle with seven stands on the circumference of the circle and the eighth where the center would be. Has two houses. High House on the left and low house on the right. Shooter moves from station one under the High House to station seven under the low house and then to station eight. Combinations of single birds and doubles thrown from various stations depending on the type of game. One round of Skeet is 25 birds. competition Skeet fired in four different gauges. 12, 20 , 28, 410.

Sporting Clays; shooter moves to different shooting stands over a course (much like a golf course except usually in the woods or bordering fields) No set number of stands, varies at each course. Shooter shoots a prescribed number of shots at each stand usually adding up to 50 or 100 targets. Birds thrown at all angles and uses five or six different sizes of birds. Supposed to mimic field shooting but has exolved into a game that no longer resembles field shooting.

These are the basic games, but others exist. Ex Bunker or Olympic trap, Modern Skeet. Five Stand, Compak Sporting, FITASC Sporting, to name a few.

I suggest getting a copy of Jerry Meyer's "Clay Target Handbook" which has all the rules and specs for the different games. Amazon has it and most well stocked bookstores gan get it for you:

Try this website www.shotgunsports.com. Lots of discussion on the various games, get past the politics and you will enjoy the games.

Geoff Ross

November 21, 2000, 05:26 PM
Looks like PJR beat me to the buzzer on this one:) I was never goot at game shows anyway.

Geoff Ross

December 2, 2000, 03:31 PM