View Full Version : Las Vegas Cowboy Stuff or Full Shotgun Loop Belt??

Ned Roundtree
November 21, 2000, 09:49 AM
Going to Las Vegas for a TG Meeting in early December. Anyone know of good stores in Vegas for cowboy stuff? I need me a shotgun cartridge belt. The type with loops all the way around. When you go up into Ohio Cowboy shoots some call for 12 shotgun rounds per stage. All the cowboys up north have full shotgun belts. My shotgun slide with six just ain't cutting it anymore. Any help appreciated.

November 21, 2000, 08:18 PM
Same problem here! I've been thinking about getting another 6-loop slide but don't know where I'd put it. So far I've been using vest pockets for extra shells. Two belts seem cumbersome unless you are tall (which I'm not).

Ned Roundtree
November 21, 2000, 11:01 PM
Understand, I'm undertall myself. But don't care. I just want lots of shotgun shells on me. The vest pockets are neat but not me.