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November 20, 2000, 01:29 PM
Anyone tell me the going price NIB. It`s a blue gov`t model. TIA

Daryl Waldron
November 20, 2000, 01:54 PM
In South Florida I have seen them between $525 and $600+. I have seen a few a little lower but just a few. I took my used 1991A1 to a gun shop and the owner of the shop got $590.

November 20, 2000, 03:04 PM
Two weeks ago, I purchased a new Colt 1991A1 for $469, plus tax. This price I obtained after about four months of searching and haggling. The going retail rate today is $525 to $600. Dealer's cost (from invoices I have seen) is $410.
You be judge: How much to you want to pay? I do not mind spending more in a shop with decent folks, but this time out I was looking for a bargain.

BTW, when you get yours, clean it well with a degreaser product and then Breakfree before you use it. Mine was a gunky mess out of the box.

Good luck with your purchase.

November 20, 2000, 04:16 PM
It was tagged at $469. I was picking up another pistol and I didn`t have time to check it out. I guess that`s a good price then.

Jamie Young
November 20, 2000, 06:29 PM
My first Handgun was a Colt 1991A1 and I bought it last april for $375. I bought it the day a gun collector put it on consignment. I had 3 people come back in looking for it while I walked out the door with it. I am never selling it never never never!

November 20, 2000, 08:36 PM
My first one was only $325 NIB....back in '91 when it first came out! Got stupid and sold it though. Just recently got another one and had to pay, I think, $545. For some reason that doesn't sound right, I can't believe I've forgotten! If its less, I would definitly get it if you want it. Good guns and a real COLT. The biggest thing I like is that the serial numbers started up where the last ones sold to the government back in 1945 left off. Great guns and a good platform to build off of.

November 21, 2000, 11:58 AM
You guys talked me into it so you`re to blame.:D $485 out the door. I`ve owned other Colts but I sold them.:o There`s nothing like the feel of old Slabsides in the hand!

November 21, 2000, 12:26 PM
Before Colt's announcement (later retracted) that the 1991A1 would be discontinued, my dealer had a 1991A1 GM .45 in his case for about $450. After the announcement and to this day, the exact same pistol has had a $600 price tag on it. IOW, a 33% price increase! The pistol has gotten a lot of admiring looks from Colt fans. But so far no one has been willing to pay $600 for it.

November 21, 2000, 07:46 PM
I called the Colt Firearms company inquiring about the current status of the 1991A1 production. The lady clearly informed me that Colt's 1991A1 is still in production with no plans of halting it. :)

February 25, 2001, 09:33 PM
How do you like your 1991A1?????
Nice little piece of history and accurate to boot,,,
I am in the process of talking my wife into having my
1991A1 customized for her.
It's either that or she wants a Glock for her B'day this year.
I need to divert her attention because she really wants
my HK Mark23 .45....
(no way)
I gave my other 1991A1 (with the colt .22lr conversion to my
I actually like the German/Austrian guns for modern shooting
but the 1911A1 is still sweet...
Any thoughts???

Blue Duck357
February 25, 2001, 11:06 PM
Hey Dakota, don't mean to barge in where not invited but I was in the same boat as Dinosour and picked up my new 1991A1 last week. Also like Soda had one of the first ones and sold it :rolleyes: Paid $525 for my new one and if I remember that was about $200 more than I paid for the first one, but I'm really not that upset about it because this new one is a lot better gun.

After a couple of sessions with it I'm sure it's a lot more accurate than the older model and it's definitly a tighter gun. No reliability problems thus far but still waiting on my first box of Gerogia Arms 230 grain gold dot to see how it'll do with hollowpoints. Finish is perfect and the trigger is not bad at all.

As to the Austrian and German guns I looked long and hard at a Glock 23 while buying the Colt it's a heck of a gun (and I can get hi-caps for it) so it was a tough choice. I wouldn't fault a soul for choosing the Glock (little exp with Sig's) over the Colt. The two main reasons I chose the Colt is that I believed it would give better accuracy (or I could do smoething about it if it didn't) which keeps me shooting it regularly and proficiant with it. Combat accuracy is fine for what both these guns are intended for but it just does not inspire me to practice as much for some reason. The second reason was that I liked the idea of a manual safety. After going through firearms retention training I realized a gun can be taken from anybody and fast. I like the idea that at least there is a chance that if someone gets it away from me they may not know how to make it go bang or at least give me second or so to get it back. But like I said nothing wrong with the Glock's don't blame anybody for carrying them.

If I butted in and you just wanted to hear from Dino, I apologize, just thought since it was a similar situation you might want my update.

Best wishes, Blue Duck

:o After I posted this I went back and checked and had already discussed most of this with you on an earlier thread, sorry

Jamie Young
February 25, 2001, 11:19 PM
There nice guns Mine has held up very well now. I've put about 2000rds threw it and no major problems. I learned the deal with magazines problems with the 1911's but Now I have a couple Wilsons and everything is ok. I'm thinking about getting another one because I'm sure I'm going to beat the hell out of this one.

February 26, 2001, 02:14 AM
I was looking at a basic Colt 1991 Stainless at my favorite gun store a few weeks back. $575.00. It lasted exactly 1 day from the day I looked at it! I know, because after sleeping on it overnight, I went in the next morning, and it was gone. I ended up buying the semi-custom 1991 Government Stainless they had. Equivalent to a Springfield Loaded. Tight slide/frame tolerances; competition machined aluminum trigger and hammer; ambidextrous safety; double diamond ebony grips; butter smooth movement; feels like an extension of my hand. Paid $725. $100 more than the Springfield, but hey, it's a Colt! I love it.

February 26, 2001, 08:40 AM
Well, I know I`ll get flamed for this but I haven`t shot it and I don`t think I will. I`ve owned several Colts and a Springfield over the last 30 years and they`re fine guns. I did have a Model 70 that had to go back to Colt because the first time I fired it, the plunger popped off the frame! I even had a pre 70 National Match which I had to get rid of:mad: but that`s another story.

I own 3 other .45`s including a Star Firestar which I sometimes carry. Maybe a weird choice but I like the ambi safety. I`m left handed and I`m used to it. I also have a worked Browning HP in .40 which I carry regularly in the winter.

I have some guns which I don`t shoot. I bought them as an investment. Not for me but to pass along in my estate. Again, another story. Of course I could change my mind. If I did shoot the 91, it would be for carry purposes and I would send it out for a reliability package like the Browning.

If the Colt at $725 or the Springfield at $625 are reliable out of the box, they`re both good deals. Take mine at $485 and add 4-500 bucks to do it and you can`t go wrong at those prices.

IMO, you can be a Glock fan or a revolver nut, but you gotta have one 1911 type in your arsenal if you can swing it.:D

Jamie Young
February 26, 2001, 05:17 PM
I personally like the fact my .45 says COLT on it.

February 26, 2001, 05:30 PM
New Colt 1991A1s are going for 600 in Atlanta. Colts have getting more expensive lately. Dealers say it is cause the 1991 is discontinued. I called Colt a week or so ago to see what they had to say, and they say the 1991A1 is their most popular pistol and there are absolutely no plans to quit making it.....
Anywyas, I picked up a new 1991A1 about 2 weeks ago....


Jason Demond
February 26, 2001, 05:58 PM

February 26, 2001, 10:14 PM
hi folks,...

since there is interest in Colt 1991A1,...well, how about bringing back the "ORIGINAL" Colt 1911A1, yes 1911 (not a typo),...buzzed word from a board member at 1911forum.com, he is a general foreman for Colt handguns, that 1911A1 will be back !!!!

It sucks for me, because i'm in Kali. If true original, then there will be no firing pin safety. might not make it with SB15.

Big Ken
February 26, 2001, 10:39 PM
I just bought a used 91A1, at a local pawn shop, it may have had a box of shells shot thru it, for $ 425. this is my first semi auto handgun & I absolutely love it ! no problems at all, no matter how hard I tried couldn't make it jam or anything. How tight is the slide supposed to fit on the frame ? I can hold it firmly & twist slide against frame & get just the slightest amt. of slack is this normal ? think about calling Colt & giving them the serial # to find out the year of production & see if this is one of the CNC'D

February 26, 2001, 11:26 PM
jhunnetaz....You are correct sir! Mark655 has confirmed that the first 50 should be done by the end of the month. I plan on gettin' one of these. They are to be identical in virtually all respects to the US issue Colts of the WWII era. I have an original '43 production model in 98% condition. Too nice to shoot for me, and valuable. These new 1911A1s will be shooters. They plan on making only about 200 a month, a low production pistol according to Mark655. I'm hoping, 10 years from now, when the 1911 design is 100 years old, that they come out with a special edition identical to the first production models from that year for the military. That would definitely be on my "to buy" list!

BTW I've had two '91A1s, excellent pistols! Still have one of them. I like 'em simple, just oozes perfection to me!

February 26, 2001, 11:32 PM
My 1991A1 has a serial number of 275xxxx. I am pretty sure mine was produced in late 1995 - mid 1996.

Mine has absolutely no slide play in it whatsoever. I don't think alittle slide play will hurt anything (I could be wrong) so I wouldn't worry about it has a small amount of slide play....

Big Ken
February 27, 2001, 04:44 PM
Thanks for the encouraging word, I just called Colt & gave them the serial # 277xxxx, & they told me this was manufactured in 97' so I'm guessing probably not one of the cnc, machined versions, but thats fine by me. it shoots straight & never falters (so far) so I am really tickled & I got the original box & papers with it. I believe the original owner just kept it in that box & almost never shot it for the last four yrs. (not me I'm gonna shoot it !)