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December 5, 2011, 12:07 AM
So I'm looking into getting a 700 and I've heard okay things about having Sniper Central build it. I'm just not comfortable doing it myself at this point, specifically mounting the barrel into the stock. I've also heard that the prices are good. If anybody has heard otherwise I'd enjoy to know.

Here is the Build:

Remington 700 Build by Sniper Central
• 26” Heavy Barrel
• .308 Win
• Snowy Mountain Rifle Muzzlebrake
• Factory Bolt Knob
• Bell & Carlson Mk2 Adjustable Stock (Green w/ Black Webbing)
• Harris Bipod 9’13” Swivel
• Leupold Mk AR 6-18x40mm
• Plano Rifle Case

My biggest questions right now are:
Bluing vs. Cerakote?
Swivel Bipod?
Bushnell Elite 6-24x50mm vs. the Leupold?

Any thoughts on this build? Sniper Central?
For $1800 would you go another direction?

Many Thanks!

December 5, 2011, 12:38 AM
I am a member over there and like Mel and his site. I spend more time on this forum then theirs mainly because it seems the basic mindset here is "you don't have to have high dollar to have high accuracy" while over there they seem to talk about all the big names and how you need them.. which is fine if that's what you are into. I just prefer the cheaper and DIY mindset I find here.

Over all, yeah you can expect a solid rifle from him based on things I've read. You can find reviews of his rifles on his forums. No, not full custom, but it should be pretty good. Also if you handload, that will be that much more accuracy.

If you bought all the pieces listed and assembled it yourself, I don't think you could do it for much less, but that would be a good research project if you haven't already.

In regards to the specific pieces:
-I've never used a swivel bipod but have used a standard 9-13" Harris and am very happy with it. Bought mine used for $30 :D
-I'm pretty old school, I like my bluing, but have become pretty interested in these different coatings. I've only held one or two at the gun shop, but they seemed nice. I may try it myself on my next one.
-No experiences with the scopes you are looking at.

As mentioned, I'm a DIY kinda guy. With that in mind, I would recommend you not be scared to give it a try on your own. According to his sight,he uses a factory barreled action. My guess is he uses SPS Varmints as his base. This means pretty much all he does is unscrew a few screws on on stock, slip it into the stock you ask for and put the screws back in. That part of it is actually quite easy. Mounting a scope is one of those things that is easy to do, but not necessarily easy to do right. The more I learned about precision shooting, the more I came to respect the importance of mounting scopes properly.

And welcome to the forum!

December 5, 2011, 03:10 AM
If your stock has an aluminum bedding block or doesn't require bedding, get a torque wrench, find the settings and drop the barreled action in their yourself it's simple. Same goes for mounting a scope. Personally for the rifle your going for i would put a little more money into optics. Nothing against the Leupy AR but don't hold back on optics. If your on a budget look at vortex, SWFA, or Bushnel, maybe shop around for a good deal on a MK4.


You don't have to go all out unless you just want to, but there are certainly some good budget optics out there.

old roper
December 5, 2011, 10:23 AM
I agree with ndking1126 as you may not be able to buy put it together for much less.

I have few rifles with bedding blocks and I like the actions bedded past the recoil lug under the chamber. I also have some varmint rifles with Harris swivel bipod's great if your not shooting off something level. Not sure about the muzzle brake if shooting prone.

I had a 223 build used a Kreiger SS barrel it's my walk around/truck rifle I had it Cerakot matte black and I've used the rifle about year now and the coating still looks good.

If you can afford it I would get better glass you can look at the sample list from

well good luck

December 5, 2011, 02:30 PM
Thank you for the replies.
I'm a big DIY guy as well, but would rather have him build it for two reasons.
1) It's cheaper for him to build it and usually I DIY because of cost.
2) I am very safe with firearms and no matter how simple the process I'm not comfortable being the first person to put it together.

Not sure about the muzzle brake if shooting prone.
Why, because of the dust it will kick up? Accuracy?

Good deal on a MK4
It seems that everybody is raving about this scope. I might just have to suck it up and buy one. Anyone have a recommendation for one that's (4-6)-(16-20)x(?)mm?

Again. Many Thanks!

December 5, 2011, 03:05 PM
Muzzle break is fine shooting prone. MK4s are generally a very good entry to the high end tactical scope. Only problem i have with them is they are a bit overpriced IMO. I have a 2.5-8x36mm which i love it goes great my on SPR, but it was also 900$ and i had to shop to get that price.

For their higher power models not having zero stop, FFP, non matching reticle/clicks, it's a little steep. SWFA and the Viper PST would both be good contenders IMO.

December 5, 2011, 06:43 PM
Safety is always a good thing! If you prefer to have someone else put it together, that's certainly not a bad reason.

I've shot the 10x MK4 the military uses up to 1000m and I was amazed how how easy it was to shoot at long distances because of the clarity of the glass, even though it was only 10x. If I knew I would regularly be shooting that far, I would want something higher. I'm a big fan of the 4-14, 4-16 range. Not sure what they offer that exact scope in, but that's what I pretty much always look for if I'll be shooting over 300 yards with that rifle.