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Jody Hudson
November 18, 2000, 07:59 PM
I purchased a M1 Super 90 several years ago. They are the finest of all shot guns in my opinion.

Now I wonder about the new M-4. With the action change I wonder if they will be as reliable, accurate and fast.

I am not nearly the expert that I would like to be on this. I would appreciate some help.


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November 19, 2000, 01:46 PM
You might want to ask more specific questions. The M4 is the new shotgun adapted by the military and has not been released in civilian form yet. The M4 super90 has been sold to private owners in countries such as Finland. Reportedly 50 of them were sold in Finland. I have corresponded with one owner there via email concerning his experiences and he says it is every bit as nice and fast as his M1. The gas system is not as ammo sensitive and the collapsible stock design works very well.

Jody Hudson
November 19, 2000, 06:29 PM
Thanks Robe,

Actually I don't know how to be any more specific. The Super 90 is perfect in my estimation. One reason is that I have found it to be NOT ammo sensitive at all. From what you say the M-4 will likely be just as good if not more. Another thing is that my Super 90 shot the cheapest Winchester, Remington, PMC; 1 oz. slugs to point of aim and in a very small group (4" to 5" or less) at 100 yards. My youngest son has grouped as small as 2" with cheap slugs from a GOOD rest.

I reallly like the engineering looks of the M-4. I wonder if the kick will be a little less than the Super 90? Any guess on that?

Also I wonder if there has been any claim on when the M-4 might be available to American civilians?

Take care,

December 8, 2000, 07:29 PM
For those that weren't privy to the Russian links on the General HG forum, here's an excellent review on the M4: http://club.guns.ru/eng/hkm4.html