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November 21, 2011, 09:47 AM
I am looking for any information possible regarding my great-great grandfather's SxS shotgun I just inherited.

The gun is labeled "Lancaster Arms Co" and the barrel is marked "Laminated Steel Belgium" with the left barrel marked "Choked". There is no serial or other identifying marks discernible (no serial when made). The barrel has a set of extractors with an action lock on the bottom, some sort of alignment pin on the top of the barrels, doubleset triggers, and a set of rabbit ear hammers. The overall condition of the gun I would rate as fair with heavy pitting in the barrel from what I suspect was either blackpowder fouling that was not cleaned properly or corrosive primers.

My suspicion is that this was a field grade shotgun made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from approx 1908-1922. This will probably make a trip to a gunsmith, but I think it will be a fireplace hanger (due to an unsafe action and barrels) after I locate a possible replacement stock. The stock is split in the wrist and held together by a brass nail brad and a large staple.

Could anybody lend any insight into this gun and its possible history of manufacture? What retailer may have carried this brand? Thank you.

November 21, 2011, 10:57 AM
I suspect your gun is about 20-30 years older than you surmise. Once "fluid" steel became the standard around the early 1900's twist, laminated, some call it Damascus - all three are similar - went away.

From your description, it sounds like a wall hanger.

Lancaster could have been the importer, or a hardware store that had some made for their name. If there are Belgian proof marks on the underside of the barrel, that will aid in its ID (you will need to remove the forearm to remove the barrels to see)