View Full Version : Viper G2

November 20, 2011, 09:22 PM
I purchaced a Tri Star Viper G2 semi auto shotgun in 2009 and followed all of the manufacture recomend instructions. After shooting approximatly 50 rounds, no problems. I dissasembled for cleaning and noticed the gas piston had small chips on one side and the action spring was broken in 5 peices. Has anyone had this problem. I beleive that the gas piston came this way from the manufacture but not sure, I can not see any wear on any parts for the gas piston to get these chips and unsure why the action spring would have broken in 5 peices. I will try and call to see if they will replace these parts under the 5 year warranty. hopefully I can just send the broken parts and they will replace them.
If anyone has had this problem please post, I will follow up if Tri Star responds.