View Full Version : Looking for a cheep laser range finder.

Deja vu
November 14, 2011, 11:12 AM
I am going hunting with the in-laws on some kind of special late season hunt down in Sothern Idaho.

Where I hunt it is typically forest and brush so long range shots are rare. But where I am going shots out to 250-300 yards are pretty normal. I have decided I need a range finder that can tell you the range on a deer out to at least 300 yards.

I have a cheep range finder that does well on cars and other reflective surfaces but it struggles with animals and will typically only give a reading out to may be 150-200 yards. Many range finders advertise 1000-1500 yards but don’t do that well on deer.

I am not looking to buy top of the line or to spend a lot of money, I just want something that will work on deer out to 300 yards. Any advice? Cheaper is better because it will not be a tool I will use much.

November 14, 2011, 12:38 PM
I'm thinking that a good quality/price compromise would be Nikon or Bushnell. I have a Nikon 600 that's a few years old and it'll read a deer at 400 under ideal conditions. If I managed to accidentally drop it 6 or 8 times onto concrete:D, I think I'd replace it with a rangefinder that was rated at 800. That's all I need (more than I really need), and it should be good for deer ranging at 500 to 600 under most conditions. For me, ranging a deer at 500 yards is just info gathering and is not preparation for a shot. And I should mention that I actually use mine more for ranging coyotes, and they are a bit tougher to get a reading on. I don't think mine will range a coyote at 400 and if I have my 220, he's in range.