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November 11, 2011, 01:20 PM
Title says it all,,,, Feel free to add your best Do's and Dont's.

Do pay attention to where the idiot who ate all that Stag chili is going to set first morning.
Don't go anywhere downwind of that sucker!!!;):p:D

November 11, 2011, 01:40 PM
Do not wear scent block attire with a loose fit shirt neck after eating the aforementioned stag chili...
It is hard to get a good sight picture with runny eyes and the deer will surely hear you sniffle after your snot locker is abruptly opened up!:o


November 11, 2011, 01:42 PM
Make sure you have the landowner's permission and familiar with his boundries. .... :)

Don't assume you have a right to use another hunter's stand while he is not there. .... :mad:

Other than a gut-pile, take all else back home with you .... ;)

Be Safe !!!

Lee McNelly
November 11, 2011, 01:47 PM
dont underestamate the deers scense of smell

do use a scent blocker form head to toe

do know your range and it limits and watch the wind

November 11, 2011, 02:51 PM
Do be quiet and still, if you must move do it slowly.

Don't get discouraged.

Don't downplay another man's take, what may be a pass for you may be a trophy for him.

Do be sure of your target and shot placement, any doubt, let the animal walk for its own sake.

November 11, 2011, 03:38 PM
Don't shoot a deer with an underpowered bow. I don't have anything against bow hunting, but you have to do it right.

Warning - Graphic pic:

November 11, 2011, 03:44 PM
Do offer friends and family you're hard earned venison.

Don't forget your friend Jason from TFL

November 11, 2011, 04:27 PM
Do not take a "whiz" from your position in the tree stand. Walk a long way off upwind & if you do have to hump-up, be sure to have your rifle with you, in case you hear a buck snort. Cover up your load and wipe with some dirt & leaves.

Take a baggie of unscented baby butt wipes in your pocket. Great to wipe rear & hands with.

Do not litter or trash public woods or another persons land.
Do not drink adult beverages around the evening campfire until the firearms are unloaded.
Do not pee on the campfire to extinguish the flame--it really stinks.

Please assist with camp chores as needed---your mama ain't usually their with the boys !!!!


November 11, 2011, 06:20 PM



Get permission to trail a shot deer if your deer makes it to property you don't have permission to be on.

November 11, 2011, 09:07 PM
Don't look at the deer tracks on the way in, look for deer.
Walked up within yards of a monster buck while looking down at the fresh buck tracks.
Don't use a rifle sling, can't shoot a deer with your rifle on your shoulder.

November 11, 2011, 09:56 PM
use eyes and ears to maximum.

Keep elevated use a hillside (sit below crest / ridgeline)

Stay out during the day (don't go back to car for lunch)

BE SURE of youe shot.

November 12, 2011, 04:09 AM
Don't bother wearing scentlok clothes. It doesn't work any better then hunting clothes available 45 years ago. You just have to watch the wind.

Prepare for when the baby drops (taking a dump). Large plastic zip up bags work well.

Don't sleep in your blind (like my brother). :D

Pee in a glass jar with a lid and dump it later.

Put out a drop of vanilla for cover scent.

Sit all day on your stand. If possible your group should all walk in together and walk out together. No one wanders around. Deer will not be spooky.

Blind should have the smallest shooting windows you can use so the deer can't see your movement or your bright, glowing blaze orange hunting clothes.

Carpet your blind so you can move around in it quietly.

Pray for snow. It makes seeing those deer so much easier. Don't pray for too much snow. Walking in snowshoes is not easy.

November 12, 2011, 08:15 AM
WAIT after shooting. Rush it and you will only push them further.

I wait an hour after my shot during bow season. 9 times out of ten, they bleed out 20 yards from where I hit them.

Hog Buster
November 12, 2011, 09:55 AM
If things don’t work out, revert to “Plan B”..... Go home and wash your truck, or cut the grass.

November 12, 2011, 10:22 AM
I'm guessing he didn't want to share the tree stand lol.

November 12, 2011, 11:01 AM

Don't be an unsafe hunter.

Don't use the scope on your firearm to identify an object or see who is coming towards you. Get some good binos or use your range finder.

Don't shoot until you identify the target and what is beyond the target, near the target and between you and the target.

Don't put your finger on the trigger until you are on target ready to shoot.

Don't trust a safety or de-cocker.

Don't jerk the trigger.

Don't rush the shot.

Don't immediately move your head to see if you hit. Do follow through and get a second sight picture. Do make that first shot count.

Don't shoot with someone else ahead of you - even if they are to the side. They may walk into your line of fire or you might swing their direction.

Don't take a bad shot.

Don't shoot in the direction of buildings, roads, people or vehicles.

Don't hunt with an unfamiliar firearm or bow.

Don't carry out a deer or the rack (elk, moose, caribou, etc.) unless you have blaze orange on the body and rack. You don't want to be shot by an unsafe hunter.

Don't alter the agreed upon plan unless everyone else if the party is notified, totally understands and agrees to the new plan.

Don't hunt with an unsafe hunter - even if they are a relative or good friend - or a person who is not willing to take responsibility for their actions (indicates a lack of maturity and should not be trusted). I will never hunt with my BIL again until he changes his ways and ditches his 'I am the expert on everything' attitude and reckless/unsafe actions. One thing you can count on is for him to not stick to the agreed upon plan and move to a different spot or walk towards you in or next to tall, heavy cover without prior notification. Anything he does that puts himself or others in an unsafe situation is the fault of others and never him - he is the expert. A few hours of hunting with him was enough. He has not been invited back. He hunts somewhere else and has claimed to have shot multiple deer but has yet to recover one.


Do be a safe hunter.

Do follow all laws and regulations.

Do be an ethical hunter. If you question the shot, don't take it.

Do take care of the meat.

If you hunt on private land for no fee, give them first choice on the meat; and don't charge them for processing if you took it to a processor.

November 13, 2011, 12:27 PM
Make sure that ALL of your ammo chambers properly - factory as well as handloads.

Still hunt with the wind in your face. Duh.

Don't forget some really nice animals have been shot between 10:00am and 2:00pm. Stay in the woods.

If you're gonna sit - sit! Don't get ansy and get up and wander around thinking there is nothing there. They are there, you just ain't seen 'em yet.

Bring some rags to clean up with after gutting your deer. Bring some flagging to mark the spot if you have to leave to get the ATV or truck. Take the flagging with you when you leave.

You do have a working flashlight with you, don't you?

Sharpen that damn knife!

November 13, 2011, 03:01 PM
Yeah ammo, take some. Take the right kind. I had a little trouble chambering a load, was trying to stuff a 243 in my 270 thought i had taken the other rifle. They look the same.
I have left the ammo at home before. Now durring hunting season i carry ammo for all my hunting rifles in the truck.

November 13, 2011, 03:23 PM
Take a flashlight with you when hunting in the afternoon. And remember when it comes to flashlights (anything with batteries) one is none and two is one. ;) Always, Always KNOW your target before you pull the trigger. :eek:

Art Eatman
November 13, 2011, 08:58 PM
Don't forget the Charmin: It's good to mark where poor old Bambi's laying, when you come back to load him in the truck.

Work upwind or crosswind. Bambi tends to lay up just below the crest of a ridge on the downwind side, not far from a brushy saddle. Odds are that when he decides to practice being elsewhere, he'll work through the saddle, upwind.

When you're easing along through brush, look behind you. Bucky will freeze behind a bush, let you go by, and then move.

November 13, 2011, 09:37 PM
Think safe
know your gun as well as the woods your in.
Have fun no room for stress in the deer woods.
DONT eat the Yellow snow I never carry a jar.:D
Take a kid when ever you can you aint getting any younger.:D

Major Dave (retired)
November 18, 2011, 11:49 AM
Do leave the alcohol at home, even if it's "just beer". Alcohol and gunpowder don't mix.

Do leave the tobacco at home - it stinks, it's a fire hazard, and you never know when a white cigarette will look like a "white flag" to some fool a thousand yards away!

Do take away all of your trash. And if you have room for it in your day pack, take away the trash (especially beer cans) that slobs have left in the woods.

Do leave your unloaded gun on the ground when climbing up into your elevated blind/tree stand. Nothing in the chamber, nothing in the magazine. Bring a small diameter rope to haul it up with. Unload it and lower it when you are ready to climb down.

Do cover the end of your rifle barrel with masking tape or a small child's balloon before laying it down on the ground, and/or when walking around (you may trip and fall, shoving the rifle muzzle into mud/snow). Muzzle obstructions KILL.

Do read all of the posts on this thread - everyone has good advice.

Do make enjoyable memories - and share them with all of us.:)

November 18, 2011, 04:00 PM
Do kill as many as you legally can.

Dont shoot any person accidentally or otherwise.

Dont shoot any inanimate object no matter how tempting it is .

Watch yer back, I just might be following ya to see what you are up too. :) and I have a camera.

The cameras DNR has are way better and will get yer pic from far far away.

Sign say keep out, best keep out.

Don't forget your friend Jason from TFL

If Doc say I can hunt Iwill make up a couple pounds of jerkey and summer sausage.

November 18, 2011, 06:52 PM
Do take good shots. If it's a bad shot, pass. You'll have more chances.

After the shot, do give the deer time to pass before you go find it.

Do make sure that you identify a few landmarks before walking to where you think you hit your deer if it ran. After walking 75 yards to where you think the spot was, you'll likely end up in a slightly different spot. Picking landmarks before you go will help you quickly find the location of the hit and establish a blood trail.

Once you reach the location, if you don't find blood at first, mark where you think you hit your deer (toilet paper or a pile of rocks will work). From that spot, start working the area looking for blood in ever increasing circles.

Don't think that you need the latest camo, scent block or other whiz bang. The most important thing that you need is the ability to sit still, wait for your chance and make your shot.

Doc Intrepid
November 18, 2011, 07:03 PM
Do remember to keep your eyes open to avoid walking into a marijuana grow in the national forest.

Don't trust people who walk up to your campfire after dark.

People will do weird things for $9 million dollars.





November 18, 2011, 07:29 PM
For those who hunt West:

DO get out of the truck and hike - BEFORE the season starts
and then once the season opens

Do have emergency gear for the Murphy that might occur 10 miles from nowhere

Don't take the shot if you can't make a clean kill and get to your animal

Don't be a slob hunter

Don't park or camp by a waterhole - the fine isn't worth it

November 26, 2011, 05:09 PM
Don't hesitate to ask a kid to go hunting with you.
Do give proper thanks for the best things in life!

This is Kainan Alexander Owens, the next in an already great line of animal hunters, and fisherman!:):):):):):)