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November 10, 2011, 01:07 AM
Well the reviews sounded like this stock was going to make all the other guns obsolete. Most the stores I looked at either didn't have any in-stock or said they were sold out. I was about to order this stock for my 870 before I sent it off to get dipped. I'm glad I found one today I asked if I could hold it... I wasn't 5seconds later I was handing it back to the guy. I didn't like anything about it! It just didn't feel right it must have been made for a gorilla because the grip was way to thick for my fingers. Glad I didn't waste the $60 on the stock, I would have been a little upset.

What are you thoughts about this new shurshot style stock?

November 10, 2011, 08:13 AM
I suppose my only questions are: What's the point? Are the Olympic shooters using them yet? :cool:

November 10, 2011, 08:26 AM
I have one on my turkey set up. I like the grip just fine and the recoil pad on it helps when shooting turkey loads. However, the combination of this stock and the barrel causes me to shoot high. I have to put the bead about 4" low to get on target at 25 yards.
I'm thinking of either getting a truglo red dot to see if I can fix this problem.

November 10, 2011, 10:09 AM
I'm just saying it didn't feel right in my hands, maybe it something you just have to shoot to like :confused:

November 10, 2011, 01:28 PM
It looks like a rifle stock. That's probably why I don't see the point of it. Or of putting sights on a shotgun. :)

Brian Pfleuger
November 10, 2011, 01:35 PM
I put one on my old 1187. I like it just fine. Much better than the old wooden stock. Hate the gun, like the stock.

November 11, 2011, 12:45 AM
what do you like about it?
does it shoot better cause it just felt bulky to me

November 11, 2011, 08:13 AM
I don't really know if I like it 100%. It feels quicker and like I have more control. Shot groups are very consistent. And the recoil pad is pretty sweet. I'm trying it out. And maybe it is designed for a scope so I might try that too.

Brian Pfleuger
November 11, 2011, 08:33 AM
Felt recoil feels lower, cheek weld is better, pointing and gun control is improved, carrying the gun is easier.

November 11, 2011, 08:22 PM
Never heard of it till now. I did a google search for it and wow! It sure is butt ugly!!:p

November 11, 2011, 08:48 PM
I primary use for 12ga for deer would this stock have any benefit for me? I can't use a scope, just never been good with a scope standing. If the gun is rested on something or a bipod is used I'm ok :D

Brian Pfleuger
November 11, 2011, 09:49 PM
That's what I used mine for. I liked it better than any other 12ga I ever hunted with, which is actually to say I hated it a lot less. Easier woods carry, better maneuverability, I thought it was quite nice, for a gun that knocks your teeth out every time you pull the trigger...

But my experience is not yours because I'm not built like you and may not shoot like you. I have very large hands (a Glock is even small-ish for me!;)) and I don't like shotguns or recoil.

So, as they say, your mileage may vary.

It is ugly. It's actually a "pistol grip" with the bottom attached to the stock. Might be for legal reasons, as a "true" pistol grip, semi-auto 12ga would be illegal in some places (NY), sometimes only if certain other conditions are met.

November 12, 2011, 10:19 AM
I would rather a comfortech stock:D:p:rolleyes:

November 12, 2011, 10:56 AM
I don't mind the recoil I shoot buckhammer 1 1/4oz and they hand plenty of kick. I heard the new rubber takes 54% of the recoil out. You must have big hands because I felt like the pistol grip was just to thick for me.

November 13, 2011, 08:54 AM
I agree, the pistol grip did seem small. I'm not to sure I like the shape all that much either, maybe more of a thumbhole shape would do. Honestly, I think I would just stroll on over to the aftermarket stock selection and pickup a thumbhole stock.

November 14, 2011, 11:03 AM
i bought one to put on a 870 20ga for my little lady... works great for her, less weight than the wood, the super cell recoil pad absorbs much of the felt recoil, easier for her to carry, better cheek weld.... i guess she likes the larger grip as she is only 120lbs and has said nothing negative about how large the grip is...

November 27, 2011, 04:01 PM
i'm 5'10 185lbs and the hand grip seemed to big, we have 120 female shooting it? I think I'm going to take a trip back to the store

December 3, 2011, 10:43 PM
well I found a stock in the store today and it seems allot smaller than the rifle I picked up?

December 8, 2011, 10:17 PM
When I am forced/required to use a shotgun for deer: