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November 6, 2011, 10:06 PM
I finally got out to the range with my new Weatherby.

Ammo used were, Remington Target/Game Load (20), Winchester PDX12 (10), Winchenster Rifled Slug (10), Winchester Buckshot (10) and Remington Buckshot (10).
Total rounds fired 60.

I used the Target load just for a quick function check. I loaded five rounds at a time. First five were shot at 10 yds in slow fire mode. After the first five, I did rapid fire same target, rapid fire transition form one target to next, and rapid fire moving forward and backward. I felt comfortable with all shots. It helps when you use a lighter load.

The trigger felt nice, not heavy or too light. The sight is a lot higher than the usual bead but it lined up easily with my line of sight. The rear ring has all the adjustments for windage and elevation. It clamps on the rail real tight but the ring itself does not feel solid to me. The shorter LOP fit me really nice and it made it easier to shoulder, mount and aim. The action felt smooth and solid. Spent shells were ejected with the same force you rack the slide. I was surprised at the amount of felt recoil. I was thinking it was going to be worse because it felt so light to me. Even with 1 oz slugs, the recoil did not feel all that bad. Of course after 40 rounds of heavy loads, my shoulder does feel a little sore.

Accuracy is pretty darn good. Shots were taken from 10-15 yards offhand and kneeling.
The following pictures are PDX12 at 10 yards (prior to adjusting sights) then 15 (sights adjusted) and Rifled Slug at 15.




November 6, 2011, 10:11 PM
First one is Winchester rifled slug at 20 yards. Second one is Winchester Buckshot and the last one is Rem Buckshot (both at 15 yards).