View Full Version : Washington State GMU 407 Crescent Lake Unit Deer hunting

November 2, 2011, 02:04 PM
This question is directed at people who have familiarity with hunting and hunting regulations in the suburban and farmland areas of the Snoqualmie Valley in north King and south Snohomish counties in Washington State.

The WDFW Crescent Lake Unit near the Prison Farm in the south end of GMU 407 is generally managed as a waterfowl and pheasant area. It's a small public land unit of just over 300 acres surrounded by homes and farms. I drive past it nearly every weekday when taking my favorite shortcut to avoid traffic.

A guy I know says that he hunts deer there. He says he has used both a bow and a shotgun at various times. I thought he was full of crap until I looked at the hunting regs. The area is clearly off limits to modern rifle hunting but there does not seem to be anything to stop archery, shotgun or muzzleloader hunting on that land. He claims that the reason he hunts deer there is that no one else does.

Looking at the season dates, it seems like the area would be overrun with bird hunters except for the early part of the archery season beginning Sept 1..

Do any of you hunt this area for deer or know someone who does? Ever heard of anyone having success?