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October 31, 2011, 10:53 AM
Sat Saturday morning in my railroad stand and had activity from daylight on. The first one in was an old doe that sniffed around and didn't like something. She kept looking back at the stand and then just moved on, never had a chance to get on the scope the way she was eying up the stand. She might be a candidate if she keeps that up but Saturday was not her time.

Next up was a smaller 6 point, good body but a younger buck that got a free pass. He seemed to be trailing the doe and never really stopped to feed. Then came a spike who milled around little while but was way too young and small, stay safe little fellow and grow some.

Two small yearlings then came in and fed, they left when a train came through.

Finally the target audience came in. It was a group of three does, maybe a family group and one that I had seen quite a few times. True to form, the smaller one was first out closely followed by medium sized one. The old sookie stood off to the side and eyed the stand a while before coming out. There was a mix of shell and cob corn on the pile, she came out behind the other two, looked over them for a second or two, picked up cob and moved off to the side. By that time I was on the scope and saw her work the cob and look up at the stand every few seconds. She stayed in the brush to the side and wouldn't offer a shot. 10 minutes later she made the mistake of stepping to the side just enough to offer a baseball sized window in the edge of the brush to slip a 90grn .243 BT handload in.

2.5lbs of pressure on the Savage Model 10 Predator Hunter's Accutrigger broke sending the round down range. 130 yards later at 3300 fps the little bullet found it mark, blowing the heart up. She hit the dirt and it was all over. That ole pot bellied gal was old and smart, teeth were worn down and I doubt she'd have been around much longer. Now she's being processed into loin, roasts, burger and jerky. Weighed in at 115lbs. Wasn't real tall but she was a fat one.

October 31, 2011, 01:34 PM
Good work! I gave a young 8 pt Williamsburg county buck a pass this past week. 15 does in beans at 5:30 pm and he was running himself ragged trying to find a receptive one. Waiting for his big brother to show.