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October 29, 2011, 05:54 PM
Bought new shotgun at Walmart today. Perhaps my comments will benefit someone here. In my area, Walmart sells only long guns. This is my second firearm purchase from Walmart. In both instances, the process took about an hour in the store. Today, the Instant Background Check phone call was very fast and short. But getting to that point was very slow. First, it is hard to get a person in the store who is authorized to handle such transactions. And if authorized, they are seldom adept at it. So plan for the time required if you decide to buy there.
5 Stores within 30 miles of my home, 3 of them nearer than that. The store where I bought today has a much more limited area for firearms than do the other two. And I found out about the shotgun being available by an online search on the Walmart website. None of that model and gauge at the other two stores with the much larger gun display cases. Two at the store where I bought, but not on display, just kept in the stockroom. I guess that is why they were not sold out. Price was surprisingly low. The rifle I bought previously was priced attractively too. But there is the cost of the time involved in the transaction.
Just for the heck of it, I will not post the specs of the shotgun. Happy shopping.

October 29, 2011, 07:49 PM
The process took an hour to buy a new shotgun and do the instant background check!!!!!:eek: My sympathies.

WM doesn't sell firearms in California and I wonder for how much longer they will sell ammunition. It took about an hour to do the paperwork where I bought my sg at a chain sporting good store, that was at the time of purchase. Then you wait 10 days (the chain waits 11 just to ensure it doesn't run afoul of the ten day waiting period) and then you have at least another 1/2 hour while the store manager (no one else likely knows how to do it) completes the paperwork.:(