View Full Version : Suppressor giveaway / petitions for nfa reform!

Griffin Armament
October 1, 2011, 08:45 AM
Silenced America LLC had an outstanding idea to petition the government for NFA branch reform. A forum member contributed to the idea that spawned the counterpart petition on the whitehouse website. Silenced America is doing a suppressor giveaway on another website that you may also want to enter.

The Sound suppressor industry appreciates all the help we can get- please repost the links to your facebook page feeds- YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE A MORE POWERFUL FORCE THAN YOU MAY BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE!

For entry to the Griffin Armament suppressor giveaway contest, please visit and sign both petitions, and copy and paste "I voted for NFA reform" into a reply to the original post on our main page feed.

We need your help to change the painfully slow NFA process!! EVERY PERSON COUNTS!! YOU ARE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.



The suppressor industry needs to stand together to accomplish positive change.