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September 21, 2011, 12:16 PM
I recently purchased a SR9c. It is my first handgun. The first time I went to fire the gun, it went 'click'. I had many light strikes (18/100rnds) on several different brands of ammo. I sent the gun back to Ruger for repair. I got the gun back yesterday and went to test fire. The gun shot 80+ rounds without a hiccup including the previous light strike rounds.

On the repair slip that came with the gun, the only part they said they replaced was the 17 rnd magazine. Since I had light strikes with both the 10 rnd and 17 rnd magazine, I don't think this is all that was done.

I'm questioning weather or not I may have reassembled the gun incorrectly after initial cleaning. Since it's my first handgun, it's entirely possible that the error is mine. Would that cause a light strike with some rounds but detonation with others?

Right now, I need to clean the gun since it's been fired, but I'm sort of afraid to mess up anything, since it's seems to be working so beautifully. And it was so much fun to shoot since it was working. I almost have confidence in it again.

I watched the videos on Ruger.com on assembly, lubrication, etc. and followed instructions before I ever fired the first round.

Is it possible that they did more than replace a magazine and just didn't put it on the slip?

Thanks for being patient with a newbie. I've lurked for a while and just wanted some input from more experienced and knowledgeable people.

Walt Sherrill
September 21, 2011, 12:26 PM
I can't, off hand, think of anything you could have done that would have affected performance (or, more directly, caused light strikes).

Putting the recoil spring in WRONG (reversed) could affect function in some guns, but I don't think light strikes would come from that. And, with my SR9, that spring and the guide rod are a single unit, and its really difficult to put it in wrong -- I'm not sure it's possible.

Most likely, some gunk had built up in the firing pin channel or around the firing pin opening on the breech face, impeding the pin's travel. THAT could could cause light strikes.

If Ruger just cleaned it and test fired it, they may have fixed the problem without really ever seeing the problem.

If it's working right now, just continue to follow the owners manual when you field strip it, paying attention to the details, and chalk it up to some gun gremlin that isn't likely to show its ugly head again.

(Made some changes and just noticed that subsequent messages said essentially the same thing -- but properly described the "striker" channel, rather than the "firing pin" channel. Duh.)

September 21, 2011, 12:29 PM
They probably cleaned the firing pin channel, which for whatever reason on SR9c pistols is often quite dirty after the gun is first assembled. A dirty channel has been a known cause of light primer strikes on many of these. I've had 3, and cleaned the channel when doing my first cleaning after taking delivery. Some are worse than others, but all have had some "gunk" in them.

Should be good to go now!

Idaho Spud
September 21, 2011, 12:33 PM
They may have done something else, but my guess is they did a thorough cleaning of the striker channel and slide. My SR9c came with beaucoup grease, oil, etc. from the factory. Before I fired one round I removed the striker and mag safety and cleaned the slide. In at least 2500 rounds I've had not one failure to fire/light firing pin hit. A lot of firing debris can build up in the striker channel over time, so I clean it about every 3 range trips. Did the same with my newly acquired SR40. No misfires.

edit: ya beat me to it, dkm.

September 21, 2011, 12:43 PM
I guess it's possible that I didn't get all the gunk out. I did go so far as to shining a flashlight down the channel and didn't see anything but metal before I sent it in for repair.

Thing is, when I did my cleaning, I never got any gunk out of the channel. I guess it was hiding. LOL