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September 17, 2011, 04:02 PM
So, last year I acquired a PPS 40, and loved everything about the gun except for a couple things:
- Mag release
- .40 cal.

The caliber was my biggest problem. I found the recoil was moderate, but my bigger problem is, I carry 10mm. And in carrying 10mm, I never reached for the .40. I regretted from the get go, not getting the 9mm. In trying to find a 9mm LOCALLY, well, that proved to be a challenge.
As far as the mag release, I carry a Glock, and was trying to keep my manual of arms the same. I decided that I could work around the release, as I normally only carry the mag in the gun anyhow. Plus, I learned to get used to the release by shooting my P22 more often. Relearning my motor memory skills for my right hand index finger, and thumb on left hand.

Well, as luck would have it, a PPS 9mm showed up on our local gun board, and I approached the P.O. about it. He was mostly trade inclined, which is OK by me, but of course he wanted an M&P 9, so I reluctantly obliged ;)

Like a little kid, I ran right home and fired off a hundred rounds or so. First thing I noticed:

- I am MUCH more accurate with the 9, than the .40. I am not a recoil wuss, I shoot and carry 10mm quite often, as well as .357 and .44 mag. I just found that the PPS 40 was a bit sharp, and would cause abrasion on my trigger finger.
With the PPS 9, my double taps are all COM, and I find that I am back on target instantly.
I am not a big fan of 9mm, but see it as a useful tool in the arsenal. I hate the pocket .380's I own, and a gun that can utilize 124/147 grain +P seems to be a much better option.

- The trigger is incredible. It's quite light, has little to no creep, and reset is short and sweet. Double taps are a cinch, and since the trigger requires little effort, all my shots were where I pointed(at 10 yds) The trigger almost reminds me of a Glock 3.5lb with Ghost disconnect.

- I don't care for the 7rnd magazine. I'll keep it, but the gap between it and the grip is kind of irritating. I know I had the same problem with my .40 as well. It's not a finger pincher, but I know it's there. This is something I can overcome with practice.

- The finish is not as durable as my Glocks. I can see the outer coating is a bit wore off.(shiny, but not bare metal) The P.O. claims to have shot it very little, and carried a bunch (I believe it. There is no wear on the barrel or barrel hood. Nothing on the Lockup lug either. I'm guessing less than 50 rounds).

As soon as I bought it, I kicked myself in the arse for selling my PPS IWB "Shielded" brand Holster, but I was sure I wouldn't own another. I went to the LGS, and remembered another PPS issue, and that was lack of local aftermarket support. I ended up buying a Don Hume OWB(prefered method of carry any way) for the g26/27/33. It fits the PPS excellent, and retained it while I shook it upside down. It's a tad long in the barrel, which is fine, as it protects the muzzle. I prefer KYDEX for carry, and it will probably end up in a Matrix G27, but this will work for now.
I also went to look for a 6 round mag, and of course, no dice!

All in all, I remember why I wanted the PPS in the first place. It's an incredible gun. It's not so small it can't be controlled. Not so light that recoil is brutal. Extremely accurate, looks good, breaks down simply, and is quite possibly the one of the best single stack carry 9mm's
With the influx of micro 9mm's on the market, I still think they will be hard pressed to knock the Walther back.

wild cat mccane
September 17, 2011, 05:52 PM
Walther use tiffener (SP?) which is the same finish as glock...

September 17, 2011, 06:08 PM
I just got mine a few days ago. I traded to get mine as well. It is a BA date-code 9mm with factory night sights. I only shot the 80 rounds I had with me, but I was pretty accurate with both the 6 and 7 shot mags, and I can tell that I will like this pistol.

I carried it yesterday in an IWB holster made for a P2000 that I had laying around. Compared to my double stack pistols, it feels like I'm carrying a credit card instead of a pistol. :D


wild cat mccane, tennifer is a treatment, not a finish, and both Glock and Walther polymer pistols are tennifer treated, but the outside finish that Glock uses seems to hold up better to wear than almost any other pistol out there. A little holster wear never bothered me though.

September 17, 2011, 06:15 PM
Finish wear doesn't bother me normally, as it can always be treated.

I just ordered a new Kydex IWB from PJ Holsters. Right now the next 2 people to order from him can get it for $30 shipped. I really prefer to carry Polymer guns in Kydex, and feel they offer better retention. He is making these just for the PPS, and says they keep the guns profile as small as possible.

Uncle Malice
September 17, 2011, 06:31 PM
Nice man. Yeah, I went with the PPS in 9mm for the same reason that you wanted one.

It's been great. I love the size. It's very easy to carry and shoot but I can imagine the .40 would be a wrist breaker.

Coach Z
September 17, 2011, 08:23 PM
I carry my pps in .40 as my EDC and certainly agree that it kicks a bit sharper then my other pistols. I know you said that you prefer to carry owb but if you're willing to try iwb the crossbreed super tuck is an amazing holster.

No you've got me thinking about trading mine for the nine again!

September 17, 2011, 09:07 PM
Coach, I have carried IWB, with a Shielded holster (Cross breed style) and I still found it to be a bit bulky. I'm giving this PJ holster a whirl, as he is just a small company, if I don't care for it he offers a 100% money back guarantee.

As far as the recoil....40 is a totally different beast. I had a g33 that was VERY hard to shoot(with full house loads) but, the .40 in the same frame seemed harder to control. In the PPS, the 40 is just too much. Much more felt recoil, than my G29sf, shooting Hot loads.

I feel, that with a gun of this size, carrying such a small amount of ammo, shot placement is much more crucial, than brute firepower. I find that follow up shots are quicker and more accurate in the 9mm. Add to that, the gun is a joy to shoot, and quite accurate, it's a win-win.

September 17, 2011, 11:16 PM
Congrats on your 9mm PPS. They're truly terrific pistols. Easily best of breed, in my opinion. That level of accuracy in that small of a package makes it a bit addictive at the range.

Walther use tiffener (SP?) which is the same finish as glock...

Yes, the metal treatment is the same (or similar, being one of several methods of ferritic nitrocarburizing). This treatment changes the molecular composition of the surface steel itself. The actual exterior finish applied over the metal, which is not the Tenifer treatment, appears more durable on the Glocks. I'm not sure what that finish is exactly -- I've heard everything from "super-parkerizing" to ceramic-based -- but it's extremely tough.

wild cat mccane
September 17, 2011, 11:26 PM
This moment brought to you by "the more you know" :)