View Full Version : 5.11 Rush 12, any thoughts??

September 16, 2011, 11:40 AM
I need to replace a backpack that has seem many years of service. This replacement pack is just for smaller items used in my day to day work. This pack should also be able to double as a range pack when I'm not working. I looked at whats available and decided I like the Rush 12. Does anyone who owns one have anything to contribute to my decision of purchasing one or suggest a different product?


September 16, 2011, 11:26 PM
I purchased one about nine months ago and have been happy with it. It is well made and includes plenty of assorted pockets, so it makes a good EDC bag. It does not come with a waist belt, so it would not be good for carrying heavy loads for a long period of time. The water bladder pocket makes an excellent place to stash a handgun and I believe 5.11 even offers holsters that attach to the Velcro that is already in the pocket.

I have also been using a Maxpedition Colossus Versipack which I also like. The Versipack is a little smaller and sufficient for most days, but can fill up quickly if you carry a lot of books like I do. Also, some of my buddies think it looks like a purse, but I am quick to remind them it is a tactical shoulder bag.;)

Anyway, I really like the 5.11 Rush 12 and think it will work very well for EDC. The Maxpedition line is also nice not sure it’s better, but worth a look just the same.