View Full Version : Am I getting a good deal?

September 14, 2011, 11:23 PM
Looking at purchasing a used Springfield Loaded 1911 (Ultra Compact).

The gun shows some wear (scatches, idiot mark, etc) but seems to be in decent condition.

I'm getting the firearm for 450. Is that a decent deal?

American Eagle
September 14, 2011, 11:37 PM
If you don't want to buy it, let us know how we can get that deal. I think that is a very decent price for one with honest wear.

As long as the pistol is reliable and in decent shape, to me that sounds like a great price.

A few scratches are inevitable when purchasing a used pistol. It would not be an issue for me as long as the gun is priced accordingly.

September 14, 2011, 11:40 PM
I would say that's definitely a good deal. New ones are over a grand and used in perfect condition are in the $700-$800 range from what I've seen. Unless it's really beat up, I'd say $450 sounds like a real good price.

September 14, 2011, 11:51 PM
Awesome. Will probably be my new Carry so I'm not worried about wear.

September 14, 2011, 11:54 PM
Don't forget to post pics when you pick it up :cool:

September 15, 2011, 12:03 AM
To those of you who have done a Face to face sale, what is required?

Do I need to fill out a bill of sale or what?

September 15, 2011, 09:02 AM
Well that depends on your state laws. In my state, we just do a bill of sale and make sure they are a resident via this state with DL, we perfer to show voter cards or ccw's.

September 15, 2011, 04:42 PM
Here's a photo of the Springfield condition.


September 15, 2011, 06:06 PM
Considering I paid around $1,100 for my Micro Compact (new) I would say you are getting a great deal. I was looking for a used one, couldn't find one anywhere. All of my local guns shops, and gun shows but no luck. So I ended up paying the money for a new one. Anyway you will love it, very nice shooter, great trigger, and very accurate for such a small 45 acp. Very reliable, and conceals great.

September 15, 2011, 06:10 PM
Run and pick it up now. If $450 gets a reliable gun with cosmetic wear, I say ring it up.

September 15, 2011, 07:13 PM

$450 is really a smoking deal for an SA Ultra Compact.

I love mine and wouldn't part with it even though it's no longer my EDC.

I'd buy another in a second if I could get it for that price.

BTW, those scratches can be cleaned up.



September 15, 2011, 07:58 PM
Yup. Another vote for great deal... Better go get that thing now before the seller reads this post!:eek:

September 15, 2011, 08:30 PM
Sounds good.

Thanks for all the input.