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September 14, 2011, 12:37 AM
Has anyone ever had experience with Samson Mfg. How is their customer service? The reason I am asking was I wanted one of their Evolution AR rails. I called on the 1st or 2nd week in August and asked about the actual lengths of the 9" and 11". I got right through and talked to Jon, who is evidently a General Manager. He was very nice and helpful. I was wanting the 11" rail but it was a little long and I thought the 9" rail would be too short for my build. He said that Samson makes the evolution rail in a 10" model but they do not advertise it, and it is only made in limited numbers. Jon said they are making a limited run of them in 2 or 3 weeks, to call and check back then. So I wait till the last week of august and try to get a hold of Jon or Andrew to see if they made any and if I could order a 10" rail. I talked to the lady secretary and she said Jon was busy to wait a few minutes on hold and he would be right with me. I waited and he never came. She came back and said he could not talk at this moment and he would call me back. She also gave me both of their email addresses and said to email them and that would be the fastest response time. On Monday Sept 5th Labor day, I sent an email to Jon and the sales dept. and asked about the rail and left my contact info and asked him to contact me when he came back to work on Tuesday. I never received an email or phone call from him. So on Wednesday I tried calling and Samson closes early so I left him a voice mail. I never received a returned phone call or email. So I called Friday and spoke to the lady secretary on the phone. I asked a few questions and asked to speak to Jon, or Andrew, and she said neither were available. I asked if anyone else was there so I could order the rail. No one was and she said to call back on Monday because both would be there. So I called Monday and the same lady answered. Neither one was there and she was again the only person there. She gave me Andrews Email again and said to email him because he will return my email (usually in less than a few hours).
So I have given the "sales team", Jon, and Andrew 2 weeks to return a phone call, or return an email. I saw this being a repetitive problem and today September the 13, I gave Daniel Defense a call. I then ordered a 10" lite rail. I really did not want a quad rail, but was wanting a 10" tube rail. Since Samson was the only manufacture that made one, I had to settle for something else.

My question is has anyone else had any experience with Samson mfg customer service. I thought with the flooding in the east they maybe having problems. Does anyone know if maybe they were flooded? Is this typical of them to not return any phone calls, voice messages, or emails? I hope this was just a one time thing with them with this. Hopefully other people have had better experiences.

FYI just in case anyone is wanting to know, the actual length of the 9" evolution rail is 9.155" and the 11" rail is 11.125" The reason I was wanting to know was this rail would have went on my AR-15 11.5" SBR with a thread on suppressor. The 11" rail would have covered some of the suppressor which I did not want it to do, and the 9" was not long enough to cover the low profile gas block entirely, so I was wanting the 10" rail because it would cover the gas block, and leave enough barrel exposed to thread on the suppressor.

Edited to add: I searched the internet and found 4 reviews. I read them about Samson and they basically said good things about the company and their products. I figured if they had bad customer service or terrible products, there would be several if not hundreds of people complaining.

September 14, 2011, 10:10 AM
Update: I received an email from Andrew. He said he was out of the office for last three weeks. And Jon has been gone for the last week and he said he should be back tomorrow. He said to call tomorrow and talk to Jon about the 10" rail and he should give me an ETA. Even though I ordered the DD 10" lite quad rail yesterday, I might go ahead and order the 10" Samson evolution rail. I will just have to see about tomorrow.

September 27, 2011, 07:23 PM
I thought I would give an update. After I gave up on ever being contacted back about the rail, I received a phone call late last week and Jon said the rail was ready to ship. So Today I got a 10" evolution rail delivered to my front door.

It is a nice built rail and installation is easy. The quality of the products is great. The only complaint I have is I wish they would have kept in touch a little better. When It is about 2 months since the company says they will build a product and it should only take 3 weeks, and you haven't heard back since then you don't know if they are still building you the product or if they are not going to. Both people I talked to said they were out of town for two or three weeks. So that could have been all it was on the communication issue. Other than that, everything is great.