View Full Version : AMT Backup .380 SA (Safe to carry chambered?)

September 8, 2011, 12:38 PM
I picked up a AMT Backup .380 SA yesterday for $150. Overall the gun looks and functions fine. My intention is to make this a carry piece when lighter clothing doesn't permit my Smith autos. My question is, is the gun any less safe to carry than any other internal hammer auto?

I know it has two safeties. And that the thumb safety is simply a trigger safety only. I'm mainly curious about the grip safety. Does anyone know if how this operates? Is it in true 1911 fashion? Where is only prevents the trigger bar from rearward movement? Or does it act as a true firing pin block, or hammer block instead?

Reason I ask is from what I've read on forums. In that people wont carry one chambered on this gun for fear the hammer could accidentally fall causing a AD.

Only condition I can see this is if the gun were dropped. It doesn't have anything like a schwartz firing ping safety like on the 1911 series 80 guns. So I have to imagine IF accidentally dropped, like in true Series 70 fashion, it might go off, right?

But does that mean its unsafe to carry chambered? Are there any other circumstance that apply here that could lead to a AD while carrying, I'm not thinking of?

September 8, 2011, 08:31 PM
My AMT Backup .380 SA works fine......I do not throw it on the ground testing to see if it fires a round by accident either. I trust mine and it fits in my front pocket nicely. Recently purchased a new set of grips from CDNN Sports for $9.00 and took a little time getting them to fit and it looks almost new. Take care to use a blanket or something if you take the grips off to catch some of the small parts that fell out but were easy to put back together. $150 not a bad price for a backup.....