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September 7, 2011, 11:34 AM
Several years ago my girlfriend bought a glock-32 because she liked mine so much. I posted a while back that it was having problem jamming but at that time it only seemes to do it for her. Obviously first guess would lead you to suspect limp wristing. The catcher is she could shoot mine all day just like myself and it would never and had never jammed through thousands of different rounds. It has been a year or so since I had shot it and durring the time I've been down from back surgery.... I remembered her talking about how it had jammed on her the last time she said she shot it. I took both of our Glock 32's to the range the other day. To my surprise after it failed to feed a round mid magazine for her... I took it to try and I had two failure to feed's during the next two mags I shot out of it. I then switched from remington's UMC 125gr mc ammo to WWB 125gr fmj and still had the same problem. My next step is going to be to go back but swap her magazines for mine from my glock 32 that has never had a problem. Any suggestions of anything else I should look for or try besides swapping mags?

Uncle Malice
September 7, 2011, 12:01 PM
Looks like possibly weak magazine springs with a possible hint of limp wristing. I had a G23 that would jam almost every round unless i gripped it like a vice.. and even then I would still get some.

I replaced the magazine springs with Wolff +10% springs and the problem almost entirely went away. I was never able to make it 100% reliable, and ended up selling it off... but my gen4 g23 has been flawless.

I would suggest replacing the magazine springs, and MAYBE the recoil spring...

September 8, 2011, 01:26 AM
Before anything else, I'd try a new guide rod spring in that gun. Yours seems to work fine, you could try your guide rod in her G32 using her magazines and see if it fixes the problem.

Several G32 owners and some G31 and G33 owners experienced this a couple of years ago. .40 owners had the same problems, though not as frequently. It's the magazines!

Look at the plastic protrusions under the front of the feed lips. The older magazines don't have a plastic protrusion under the left feed lip, but they have one under the right. The new magazines have them under both feed lips. The new magazines are the problem. Those protrusions slow feeding, the one under the left feed lip serves no purpose at all. The one under the right feed lip stops the follower from tilting when it engages the slide stop, but it doesn't need to have a 90 degree angle on the bottom.

There are two solutions:
1. Use Wolff +10%XP magazine springs. This will most likely "power past" the problem, but you may still have the occasional failure to feed.
2. Remove the plastic protrusion under the left feed lip, and shave the one under the right feed lip according to the instructions in this picture: http://i51.tinypic.com/2a649he.jpg
(the one circled in the picture is the left one, that's the one you remove. the one under the right feed lip not shown in the picture is the one you shave according to the instructions in the picture. the "old side view" is what the protrusions looked like on older magazines, the "new side view" is what they look like on newer magazines like the one shown in the picture.)

The .40 magazines had the same thing. If you look at the newest Gen4 .40 magazines, Glock learned from their mistake and ground down the left protrusion. The right protrusion doesn't stick out nearly as far as it did on older magazines.

There were some .357SIG owners who modified their magazines and it didn't fix the problem. They concluded that the feed ramp of the barrel had changed from previous designs and that it was the problem. If using your magazines with her G32 doesn't fix the problem, try using your barrel in her G32 with your magazines. You might as well use your guide rod at the same time, in case the guide rod spring in hers is weak. If you can determine that the barrel is the problem there's not much you can do. You might try a .40 magazine to see if it presents the top round at a better angle for that feed ramp, or you could buy a G23 barrel and convert the gun to .40. You could even try an aftermarket G32 .357SIG barrel like KKM or Lone Wolf. Though some aftermarket barrels require minor fitting by a gunsmith to work in your particular gun, and some have very tight chambers that might need to be widened a bit to feed as reliably as the factory barrel should.

September 8, 2011, 05:29 AM
My G33 has always been flawless, until I used a G32 mag in it. I ended up having to trim the two little protrusions inside the mag at the top and now it works great. Glock is the only company that has different mags for the 357 sig and 40S&W. Not saying you have the same problem but it's a possibility.

September 8, 2011, 09:30 AM

Thanks a lot for the detailed information. I will look at and try the things you have suggested. I will start with switching mags, and then the return spring and barrel from my gun first before I start modifying anything. It does seem her gun was purchased around the time you have mentioned others have had similar problems. I appreaciate your advice and will post back with what I find.

September 16, 2011, 04:42 PM
It was the magazines. I used my magazines in hers and shot 200 rounds of wwb 125 gr and remington umc 125 gr mc ammo as well as 40 125gr gdhp's and it ran perfect. Thanks for all the info. I am glad it was something simple and not the barrel. I will grab her a new magazine asap. She has one that I know works fine for the time being. It is a good feeling to know her gun will work if she ever really needs it. Thanks for all the great info and help.

Uncle Malice
September 16, 2011, 05:27 PM
You probably don't need to replace the magazines. Is the follower number the same as yours? If so, just replace the magazine springs with the Wolff +10% springs. you can get a pack of 3 springs for much cheaper than you can get 1 new magazine.

September 17, 2011, 10:17 AM
Congrats! If you want to try to salvage the bad magazines, you can remove the plastic protrusions under the front of the feed lips and that should make them work properly. If that alone doesn't do it, Wolff+10%XP magazines springs will definitely make them work properly once the protrusions have been removed.

The newest .40 magazines have the left protrusion almost completely removed. They look like they were made with that protrusion, then the protrusion was removed after manufacture. So at least Glock is aware of the problem.

The early .40 and .357SIG magazines didn't have that protrusion under the left feed lip. I don't know why they added it in the first place. The one under the right feed lip is supposed to keep the follower from tilting as it engages the slide stop, but even if that protrusion is removed the slide will still lock back with 100% reliability. I can only imagine that they added it under the left feed lip if they were testing an ambidextrous or reversible slide stop. Seeing that the newest .40 magazines have the left protrusion removed, either they never got around to testing that slide stop or it didn't work like they had hoped.