View Full Version : Smith-Sights September Special - Fiber-Optic for the Mosin!

Josh Smith
September 1, 2011, 05:54 AM

The fiber-optic sight was developed at the request of shooters and hunters who want an low-light, easy-to-see alternative to the stock sight post.

This picture was taken in low-light conditions.

After experimentation, I found that I did not have to bend the fiber-optic post around for good visibility, but rather polish the outside while dulling the top so that the light emits directly to your eye.

Held by a metal sleeve which is open in the front to help gather light, the fiber-optic element is protected from the set screw which holds it in place.

I happen to have woods in the back of my house, and while I cannot hunt deer with a Mosin-Nagant in Indiana, I can shoot coyotes. This has proven invaluable to extend my field time. I receive nothing but glowing reports from others who have used it, as well.

This is from a test in bright sunlight, but under the thick forest canopy:

As you can see, it glows nicely.

Normally $25, this month’s conversion special is only $15! There is minimal wait time for this conversion.

Thank you!