View Full Version : Recycled Kydex Thigh rig for Taurus PT845

August 30, 2011, 12:34 AM
Well, my search for a good tactical holster for my part time security job has ended. You see, as I was cleaning my garage yesterday, I came across an old thigh rig from my time in the marines. I decided to see if my PT845 would fit at all, and to no surprise, the holster made for a Beretta M9 with a tac-lite did not even come close to being suitable. Not only did it not cradle and hug the lite-less PT, it shunned it. I think I even saw it judo chop my poor PT once. Oh well, I guess Uncle Mike will have to do.

BUT WAIT!!! I banged my head against the wall while walking, and that must have jarred a thought loose. It dawned on me to utilize google to see if it was possible to re-shape the thin lower half of the holster to fit the smaller, lite-less gun. (the holster is a Range5 "SOC RIG" model 5107 if you want to see what it looks like originally) As I shortly discovered, thanks to youtube, not only can you re-shape the thin Kydex, it's not even that hard!

SO, I wont get into all the details, because it was FAR from and organized procedure, but with the use of nothing but a screwdriver, hex key, drill, my electric stove top, and some JB weld (optional), I now have a tactical thigh rig that fits my PT845 like a glove. Granted, aesthetically, it leaves some to be desired, but functionally, it's all I could ask for. And for what I paid, it dont get any better. (issued holster, so...$0.00)

I'll try to get some pics up soon for you to feast your eyes upon..

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Remember, keep the skinny end pointed at the bad guys.

February 5, 2012, 07:49 PM
After half a year, I finally got a picture uploaded to my computer. Here is the rig as it is now, but due to the fact that I dont really need a thigh rig for... well, anything other that looking like a D-bag, Im thinking about trying to mount it to the belt thing my current M&P duty holster is mounted on. I believe the bolt pattern is the same for both holsters. If it works, I'll try to post a pic of that, too. (sometime before 2013 this time)