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September 25, 2000, 06:01 PM
Now mind you this wasn't the first time. She had gone two other times.

The first time was with a bunch of friends. Since there was so many people there I rented a taurus pt 99 and got 100 rounds with it. I showed her basic safety and how to load the pistol then I took a step back and let her go at it. Not the response anyone thought happened. My gf is a small korea female whose hands are pretty much considered tiny. She was pretty much scared to be shooting the first time. After watching her and making sure that she was doing fine I took my turns on the other pistols that we had there, a usp 40 and a glock 40. I had someone watch her from a distance to make sure that she was safe. By the time I had returned she was already finishing up the 100 rounds. She even turned around and said "this is fun lets get one." Everyone there had to pick up their jaws off the ground. When I brought the target back I astonishly counted that of 76 rounds fired there was 73 holes accounted for. I asked her if she was actually aiming for the target and she replied that she wasn't really trying to. Now we're not talking groups yet but yes she got everything but 3 shots on the target. Then she moved up to the 40s, we all thought that she was going to fall back on these two. But she surprised us again. Didn't even take a step back. On top of that from watching her she was switching to weaver and isoseles every few shots. Remember here she has never shot before and she's never read anything about shooting either. The one thing she really liked was the recoil from the guns, with that her favorite gun there was the glock compact in 40. What have I got here a recoil junkie? =)

Second time was when I was thinking about purchasing a 1911 so I wanted to make sure that she would understand how to use it and be fairly able to shoot it. We were there for only an hour but she managed to get a 2 inch group out at about 15 yards or so. (local range doesn't have actual markings so I'm guestimating). She drew a nice crowd that started gathering to watching her shoot. And I think she scared some of the guys there too =)

The last time I went I kept in mind that she was a recoil junkie so I asked a friend to bring his colt 6 inch anaconda for her to try. This is one scary gun. Almost too much of a gun, to my friend and me who both like shooting 1911s regularly, the anaconda was simply too much gun for us. We introduced the revolver to her and taught her how to use it and how it functioned. She was pretty scared as this was by far the heaviest and the biggest pistol she's handled. I told her to simply aim for the number on the head of the target where the number 5 is. On her first shot the number disappeared from the target. Now this wasn't a very far shot, somewhere in the range of 7 to 10 yards but that scared the heck out of me, in a good way of course =). We left the shooting range with her wanting a marlin 1884 in .44 mag and an anaconda in .44 mag. The marlin incidently is a little shorter than she is...

She can shoot the .44 mag well but the colt does kick quite a bit, she enjoys it but she couldn't get more than 12 rounds through it because it started to hurt her hands, that's the only reason I'm asking her to try the .357. What do you guys think?


ps I know she's a keeper, she'd be even if she wasn't into shooting. Case in point, after the first time back from shooting she could see I was thinking about purchasing a handgun. She came to me and told me that she didn't mind, as long as it was locked up. I think it's also going to interesting to see how she likes the delta I just purchased, after I start reloading.

again all smiles here.

Mal H
September 25, 2000, 08:40 PM
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