View Full Version : Springfield Armory "loaded" V16 longslide

September 18, 2000, 10:08 AM
I bought this gun NIB last week and had a chance to shoot Saturday :D. Ammo used was Winchester FMJ and SJHP reloads. I used a total of 75 rounds (limited by ammo supply). First impression: nice looking gun with factory muzzle brake in barrel ports. Rough edges and machine marks in lots of places. Very tight (?too tight) slide to frame fit :confused:. Heavy ?18 lb recoil spring. I sighted-in the gun at 25 yards (had to raise the elevation considerably from how the gun was boxed) But, the groups were around 1-2 inches so I'm not complaining. Reliability was not good with numerous failures to eject :(. I'll admit that the gun needs to be "broken-in" more and I did use questionable SJHP ammo. Still, I think the spring may be too heavy or the slide to frame fit may be tight. I'll shoot a couple hundred more rounds and if it's still a problem, Springfield Armory is only 20 minutes from here. I'm optimistic about getting this gun to function. Hell, even my Kimber had problems.

George Hill
September 18, 2000, 10:47 AM
Long Slides need a bit more attention.
Those are long rails, and they have more friction... so the lube is very important...
Also - that slide is heavier with that increase in mass. So you need rounds that can reliably push that thang all the way back like it needs to go.

A change of Lube and Ammo will give you better results.
Also 50 bucks to a good gunsmith will smooth that action out a great deal.

Once you get that thing dialed in - Nothin shoots as easy as a long slide. You'll be making hits like a dream.

September 20, 2000, 09:27 PM
chmeyers - Congrats on your new V16!

I picked up a NIB V12 a month or so ago. No malfunctions in 200 rounds. I've been using Federal American Eagle 230 gr. FMJ to break it in.

Like yours, mine shot low OOB. I kept cranking up the elevation until I was up 16 clicks, changed to a 12 o'clock hold and started punching the center. 16 clicks seemed like a lot.

Enjoy your new pistol - once it smooths out, I'm sure you'll love it.

Have you tried any .45 Super through it yet? Your gun's ability to handle that round is probably why the recoil spring is so heavy.