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Edmund Rowe
September 9, 2000, 03:46 PM
What I liked about Carbine 2
4-6 September 2000
by Mr Edmund

We shot emphasizing the basics from the very
beginning. We verified zero at 25 and 50, then moved back progressively to 100, 150, and 200.

We shot different positions. We shot
from improvised field positions. We shot from simulated cover.

We took our carbines to shoot farther with more accuracy and more stress than any other class I ever did. I never got so wore out in any class as the 8 rep minimal-break duckwalk.

We emphasized basics, but with advanced applications.
We didn't do the normal light on, shoot, light off, move night training. Instead we did the duckwalk again. So this had it all: stress, shooting from different positions, tac lights, so on.

I wanted to find my limitations. This class took me right to the edge of collapse. Now I have a much better idea of what my limits are (and I have to get better at this!), what I do when I'm wore out,
and how to pace myself so I don't get so wore out.

The field exercise was a great way to put it all together:
basics, tactics, stress, all when I'm so wore out I feel like throwing up again.

Part of the great stuff in this class was our great instructor, Randy Cain, who knew how to push our limits but not go too far.
Another great part was our great students. Every one of us were serious students. No useless bells and whistles on our rifles.
We all found where our equipment works better and worse, though. More specialized stuff like ACOGs helps in specific circumstances but are not as "battlefield universal" as iron sights.

Well, that's my report on class. The End

PS Another thing I really liked was how we were all treated on an "adult" level of training and not a beginner level. Like carrying our rifles everywhere.

September 10, 2000, 07:42 PM

We met at Ayoob's LFI class in Greeneville.

I'd like to know a little more about your
experience in Randy's class. I've taken
a three day handgun class with him and He
is, indeed, an outstanding instructor.

Please elaborate on your comment about
sights, How many used optics and how well did
they work? What made open sights better

What types of weapons were represented?
What did you learn about sighting-in at
the various distances? What did you learn
about the limitations of your weapon?


4V50 Gary
September 10, 2000, 11:05 PM
Thanks Edmund, and welcome back. I don't think I've seen you here in a while.