View Full Version : Georgia TFL get together - May 20 (Saturday)

Rainbow Six
April 15, 2000, 06:45 PM
Ok, it has been suggested that we hold the Wolf Creek meeting in May. Let's make it May 20 (saturday) at 3:00 PM at Wolf Creek in Douglasville.

Go to http://www.wolfcreek-gun.com/ for info, phone # or directions. Also, I might be able to help with directions according to where you might be coming from. E-mail me if you need help.

If we have enough people show up (6-10)we will have an entire range room (6 lanes I think) that will be off limits to the general public. Also, they said they'd fire up the Colt Live Fire simulator for us if we wanted to try it out.

The guys at Wolf Creek are great. They said that if we have 6 or more to show up to shoot they will probably work out a good "per head" fee that will give us from 3:00PM until 6:00 PM (closing) for a set fee. They mentioned ten bucks a head, and maybe better if we have enough people to show.

I hope you guys that didn't make it to Hot Shots can make it out this time. I also hope to see all of you that were at Hot Shots again. :)

Let's do this...


April 15, 2000, 07:29 PM
sounds good ill be there
and im sure dahamac will be too!