View Full Version : Scopes/extreme temps.

August 22, 2011, 04:16 PM
I have had an issue with a BDC turret on a fairly expensive scope, at least by my standards.
In the winter, or indoors, or in the shade, the elevation turret has been fine.
Twice now....when out in the heat and hot sun, the turret has lost it's "clicks" or "detents" and gone smooth. Nothing like grabbing a handful and twisting it....and having all your zero and elevation notations rendered kaput.

The scope was returned, repaired supposedly, and bingo....once it heated up in the hot sun, first time out on it's return...same exact thing.

Returned again, repaired again supposedly, this time factory tested under a temp range of 25f-140f....but it got me wondering how high can the temperatures of precision matte black gear reach in the desert sun for a few hours? I know my car gets too hot to put your hand on, and that's even in a temperate climate.

I've seen folks frying eggs on a rock, on tv, in the sun........:)
Has this been a consideration for any purchases?