View Full Version : Lake County Gun Show - Grayslake, IL

April 10, 2000, 10:20 AM
Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody else was planning to go to the Lake County Gun Show in Grayslake, IL on April 16. It would probably be a great chance to meet other members.

For those of you that have never attended, this show is (IMHO) the biggest regular show in the Chicagoland area. There is typically 3 buildings full of gun stuff so there is always lots of stuff to see.


Miss Demeanors
April 10, 2000, 11:02 AM
Why didn't anyone mention this before we went to the Kane county one? LOL How many tables are at this one? I'm not sure if I will be able to go but will let you know if I do.

April 10, 2000, 07:18 PM
Hey great idea! wish I could Go. But I've got Weekend Drill!(guard) Mybe next time.Has enyone been to Cook/Will county show ? Jeff

April 11, 2000, 02:44 AM

Are you talking about the Cook/Will show at Balmoral? Sorry to say, but that one is pretty small. I've been to it a couple of times, but the selection just wasn't there. Good place to go if you need something in a pinch, but I don't go unless I reeeeeely need something. Who knows, maybe by the next show (April 30), I'll need some stuff.